The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


11. Lou changing in a room full of directioners


Cata's POV

As i walked out of the bathroom i saw lou, just wrapped in a towel, leaving the bathroom downstairs, i could see him, but he couldnt see me. My heart started to race, i started blushing. I went down the stairs, completely dressed, with my towel in hand, i saw him and threw it at him. He was surprised, he hadnt heard me coming down the stairs. He took the towel from his face and saw me, "What was that for babe?" "I dont want the other girls seeing you in only a towel, you do know they have been waiting a long time to see all five of you shirtless, as was i, in person? Cover up babe, its for your own good." I winked at him and kissed his lips. "Okay babe, whatever you say, we only have one problem, my stuff is in our room, and they are sleeping." He said as he pulled away. "I'll go see if they are asleep, if they are I'll go in and get some clothes for you, or you can come with me. And if they are awake, i'll just tell them to leave for a sec. Sound good?" "Yeah, sounds perfect." He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. 

We went upstairs, i poked my head in and saw they were all sleeping. Fortunately, lou's part of the closet was in the far side of the room where there were no mattresses. So we creeped in, we were suprised to find Andre wrapped in Harry's arms. He was playing with her hair and rubbing her back. He was shirtless, that i noticed, Andre had her pjs on, her 1D pjs. I giggled. Then i felt louis' hands wrap around my eyes, and i giggled. "im fine, believe me. I have enough with you." I said as i giggled a little more while he let go of my face. I sat on the floor while he chose what to wear.

I swear he takes more time mixing and matching than i do. he showed me for approval. All stripes by the way. I saw this one shirt he pulled out and fell in love with it. I told him to wear that shirt when i walked up to him wrapped my arms around his chest and whispered, "i love that one, wear that one pleaseee." i said, with a pleading voice and look on my face. "Sure babe, whatever you want." i smiled and turned around to see one wide awake Laura, mouth and eyes wide open. "Ummm Lou, put your shirt on." "Why babe, dont like what you see?" He hadnt noticed Lau was awake, "i do believe me, but look who woke up." He turned and smiled at lau, making her blush like crazy she looked down at her sheets, then up again to find louis with a shirt on. A look of dissapointment crossed her face. I giggled, not too loudly to wake the other two girls or harry up. 

"Get dressed LOUIS!!" Too late to not waking them up. Harry laughed, not trying to wake the sleeping girl on his arms, but failed. She woke up and smiled when she saw Harry was there, laughing. She turned her face to see why he was laughing and started laughing herself. She saw lau staring at us, and us staring at harry and her. She blushed when i wiggled my eyebrows at her, then she looked away. Resting her head in harry's chest, I smiled when i saw my best friend so happy. he hugged her tight and whispered in her ear. A smirk on their faces. Oh god. Something was going to happen. 

While all of this was going on, i hadnt notices Meli was still asleep, and that lou, somehow had managed to put his pants on. "what are you planning styles?" i asked them. Knowing they would both respond, "Nothing why?" they looked at eachother and blushed. "okay im going to need to find a new nickname for you gurl. Or we will start to get confused." "NO! dont, i like her nickname." harry said, a huge smile on his lips. She blushed, and smiled. I then saw harry and andre crawling next to Meli and Lau decided to come back to reality and see what was going on, we all went to meet them, a now dressed louis too. I knew what they were going to do. But before they could, a very happy Zayn walked into the room. 

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