The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


27. He Did WHAT!?!? (Part 1)


Andre POV 

I was sitting in the living room with Meli, Lau, and Steff. All their faces showed the same emotion: Confusion and worry. I knew they all had the same question lingering in their minds, yet none had the ability to speak it out, and they just looked at me.  Lau was the first to gather up her confusion and speak her mind, her face to the ground. “What happened to Cata? Is their someone I want and should kill?”

Her thoughts had matched the ones I had when I first saw Cata running my way back at the signing. And I start thinking again: Yes. There is one person who may not see the light again. Wow, when had I gotten so violent? But Louis did get me started, and now he would have to face 4 very mad girls. 

 Meli pulled me out from La La Land with her question; “So? What happened to Cata?”. Her voice filled with anxiety as to what had caused her friend such heavy sadness. 

“I don’t exactly know the full story because she was sobbing too much when we left the signing. Form what she managed to get out before we left the place, I understood that she saw Louis kissing another girl. Harry took care of Louis, honestly my man looked pretty confused and mad about the situation.” 

“WAIT! So you’re saying LOUIS cheated on CATA!? Oh that boy is in big trouble now!” Steff concluded from what little information I had on our dear friend’s state. 

Lau added to Steff’s comment: “Well let’s give an hour to rest her mind a bit and then we can bring her out to eat ice cream and tell us what really happened.”

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