The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


48. Baggage Claim


10 minutes after the plane landed

Cata's POV

Me and andre were getting the carts for our bags while the boys looked for the bags. To think they had more bags than we did. We had our arms linked as we skipped to the carts, laughing our lifes off. "Are you ready for senior year?" she asked me, serious look on her face, but i knew that look. "Are you scared?" I asked her.

"It's not that i'm scared, i'm sure it's gonna be great next year, but remember the whole wedding thinG and that we have to enroll in school, the boys have to go on tour inlike two months again, then christmas, then we have to find an apartment, aka FLAT!" she said, the last part in a wannabe British accent.

I laughed as we went back to the boys, two carts each, both Paul and Andy, who were trying to control all of them, especially Lou, Hazza, and Niall. "And to know i'm gonna have you with me, makes me think this isnt going to be as painful. So yeah, I'm a little scared buy I got 5 best freinds, and a fiance to relly on." She said, taking me by surprise. 

"And to think we are thinking of marrying those freaks." I said, pointing to Lou and Harry, who immidiately looked up at us with worried faces. I turned to look at Andre and we started one of our famous "laugh attacks", once we start, good luck getting us to stop. "With us four as parents, I dont even want to know what are kids are going to be like." Harry said, trying to contain his laughter. "Poor kids" Niall, Zayn and Liam said in unison, agreeing with Harry.

"Okay, EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION!" Paul yelled at us, makig us stop laughing. We all turned to him, confused looks on our faces. "We are all going to SAFELY and CALMLY WALK to the car, traight to the van. NO autographs, NO pictures for the fans. I know how much you love them and hate dissapointing them, but Simon is waiting for you ALL at the flat. So hurry up, get your bags and gather around." He said, a little too serious. we all mumbled okays and walked to the bags.

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