The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


58. Are They Okay??


Andre's POV

We waited 15 Minutes before Nicole and Megan came back with the test results. They handed them to the dotor, "are they sure?" he asked them one he analized both. "Yes, we made them double check" Megan said. "Okay, lets get the ultrasound machines ready." Dr. Ryley said in a rush. "What's going on? Are they okay?" I asked. I was now worried. "I just want to see the results for myself before jumping into conclusions." The doctor said as he helped Megan and Nicole.

5 Minutes Later

Lau's POV

Cata and I were sittinon separate beds. "Andreaa, can I talk you for a second?" Andre nodded as the doctor guided her outside. Cata looked at me and I swear I thought she was going to have a panick attack. "I'm sure he's just letting her know what's going oon so that she won't worry. I'm sure its nothing." I said, trying to calm both of us and trying to convince myself as well.

Andre's POV

I was now scared to death. Dr. Ryley wanted to talk to me, PRIVATELY! How can I not see this as a bad sign? "Calm down, Ms. Linarez. The reason I wanted to talk to you is because I think you should call Laura and Catalina's boyfriends." He said as he closed the door. "What's wrong? Why do I have to call them?" I asked, now i was curious. "I think they should be here for the ultrasound." He said, giving me a knowing lok. "I'll be back, I am going to que some equipment while you call your friend." he said, then walked away while I started dialing Zayn's number.

"Hello?" Zayn's voice rung through my phone. "Hello? Andre? Are you there?" He said, trying to get my attention. "Hey! Sorry, umm, Zayn?" I said, "Yeah?" "I need you to stay calm and not over react." "Why? What's going on?" I sighed and continued, "I need you and Louis to come to the Royal London Hospital and ask to see Dr. Ryley. It's nothing serious, but I need you both here, and please tell Harry to come too please." I said, trying to say it with a calm voice. I could hear Louis and Harry in the back as Zayn dragged them to the door i suppose. I suppose Zayn was looking for the keys. "WHERE ARE THE KEYS???!?!?!?!?!" Zayn yelled, yep, he was looking for the keys. "What do you mean it's nothing serious? You're in a hospital and it's nothing serious? Common Andre, tell me whats going on!! What happened to you girls?" He asked, "Just come here and I'll explain." I said, "Explain what Andrea??" Louis yelled as I heard the car's engine start. "Louis, just get here as soon as you can!!!" I yelled and hung up.

10 Minutes Later:

Zayn's POV

I could be more nervouse all Andre said was that the three of us needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible and to ask for Dr. Ryley. "Where's the reception?" I asked a nurse, she could see my anxiousness. "Down the hal, take the first left." She said, "THANK YOU!!" I yelled as I caught up with Harry and Louis. 

"Hi, we're here to see Dr. Ryley." Louis said, acting as calm as he could be. "You must be the boyfriends." the nurse said, "I'm Megan and that's Nicole," she said, pointing to a girl reading a file. "We're their nurses, please follow us. We've been waiting for you to arrive so we could start." Megan said, "Start what may I as?" Harry said, a little worried himself. "You'll see, the girls are right in here, they are perfectly fine, but there's one test that we wanted to perform with you here." Nicole said as she opened the door. 

Louis' POV:

My heart was racing, faster and faster as the door opened.

Cata's POV:

We had been waiting to start, we were waiting for Dr. Ryley and for Andre, but then they both came back and told us we had to wait another 10 minutes. As we waited the doctor said that there was nothing wrong but he wanted to make sure everything the lab had said was correct. 

5 minutes later

I heard the door open and I turned my head to find Louis, Harry and Zayn standing there, their faces seemed like they were expecting the worst. "What... What are you doing here?" I asked them, mummbling. "Andre said they needed us here, so here we are. What's going on?" Harry said. Loui and Zayn were frozen looking at me and Lau on the beds with machines around us. "Lou, I'm fine. The doctor just wants to double check something the blood test came up with." I said to Lou. He started walking towards me. As he reached me, he grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead as he sat down next to me. "I love you." he said. I could see Lau and Zayn talking. 

"Well, now that you're all here, we can begin. Who wants to go first?" Dr. Ryley said after introducing himself to the boys. "I'll go first, if that's okay." I said, looking at Lau and then at Louis. I think we both were sure what the doctor was going to show us. Or at least I knew. The doctor spread some gel on my stomach and gently pressed a little 'mouse' on my abdomen. Lou and I jumped when we heard a heart beat. "That would be your heart beat." Dr. Ryley chuckled as he felt both of us jump. I was realived for a second, until I heard a second heartbeat, going a little faster than mine. I gripped Louis' hand, harder than I already was. 

"Congrats, you're going to be parents." Dr. Ryley said. My eyes were glued to the screen showing our baby. A little peanut. "It looks like a peanut." I heard Louis say. I turned to see his eyes were about to spill tears and a smile as big as mine. "I will go get you a copy of the ultrasound and several pictures, if you like?" Dr. Ryley asked, Lou and I nodded as we looked at each other, smiling wide. I knew we were young and I havent finished HS yet, but I still loved getting those news. I've always wanted to have kids, and to know that Lou is the father made me much happier. "We're gonna have a baby." Lou said, I was still in shock. I could only nod in excitement. Dr. Ryley left the room and I felt two pairs of arms wrap around me. Lay and Andre. "I'm so happy for you, can't believe I'm going to be an AUNT!!" Andre said while looking at the screen. 

"Congrats Turtles!! I can't cai to see that baby in your arms." Lau said, kissing my forehead and laying back on her bed. "Thanks girls. Can't wait either, 9 months too long!" I whined. "Congrats Cata, you and Lou wil make great parents. Well, Lou will just make the baby wild and spoiled but by all means, he's gonna be a great father." Zayn said as he chuckled. "HEY!!" Louis protested. I just laughed along with everyone. 

"I'll babysit and be the best uncle EVER!!" Harry said as he hugged me and Louis. Dr. Ryley came back to the scene of a group hug, and cleared his throat, we all turned to find him standing at the doorway with Liam and Niall behind him. "What'd we miss?" Niall said confused. "CATA'S PREGNANT!!!" Louis yelled, making us all shush him and remind him we're in a hospital. "Upps.." 

"Congrats guys!" Li and Ni said in unison. "Okay Ms. Prada, lets move on to you." Dr. Ryley said. Lau shifted back into her bed once again, nervous. I took her free hand and squeezed it before Zayn came to sit by her side. I could see his worried expression.

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