My dream.....I think

Hi my name is katy this is my story of my dream that I was Lucky enough to have come lest I think I wanted this. Some times I don't know if it was all worth it. Any way this is my one direction love story...I hope


1. How it all started

Katy guess what

What bell

You have to lisson to this song I heard she said climing in the back seat

What is it called I asked as I turned around in my seat to ask her

What makes you beautiful I'm pretty sure there name is one direction

O I heard about them didn't they place 3 in the uk X factor

Ya look it up now you have to hear it she yelled from the back seat

as I opened YouTube search and typed in What makes you beautiful by one direction I opened the top one and turned up the Value the song finished I turned around in my seat and I skeamed omg I loved that song my smile turned from fake to 100% real and I smiled all day
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