One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


4. Well thats out

"Here try this" Ana hands me stuff

"This to" Anessa does the same

"and this" Yesenia has giving me alot of dresses

"Here try it" as soon as mya gives me the clothes i heat to the dressing rooms. I try all of the dresses but none of then are my style but i fall in love with Mya pick. A white dress with black lace and a small belp on the waist. Me and Mya have had something special yeah well knowing that she followed me from the US to the UK. I come out to show the girls.

"I like myas pick" i turn around so they can see.

"I Told you guys" Mya says. We laugh and i change. We go around and look for some jewelry and some heels. At the end i end up with the lace dress a neck less and some black not so high high heels. Then we go to Starbucks.

"So are you excited" Yesenia takes a slip of the straw.

"Yeah i guess" i start to play with the straw

"You dont sound so sure about it" Anessa crosses her legs and looks at me.

"Yeah why?" Ana asks.

"Well Mya do you remember Harry Styels from 7th grade?" i look at Mya.

"Yeah" she looks at me

"Well hes the Harry Styles from One Direction" i say with not a smile.

"What why didnt you tell me?" she asks with a kind of mad voice

"Well i though you knew" i say picking up my cup.

"Wait what" Ana and Ysenia say at the same time.

"You knew Harry Styles in the 7th grade?" Anessa looks at me surprised.

"Yeah" i say like if it wasnt a big deal

"Wait did she know him yeah she did but she dated him 7th grade - 10th grade" Mya says

"Oh my gosh" yesenia says with her mouth almost dropping.

"Im not done he was he first kiss to" she makes a face.

"Okay Mya they get it shut up" i say 

"Wowww" Anessa says and i ignore it.

"Yeah hey so i need to get ready so can we leave now" i say standing up.

"Okay i drive" Yesenia gets up with the keys. We get in the car and this time Yesenia drives us to the house. When we get there the girls help me get ready.


I hear a beep i look out side and its Niall. I say bye to the girls and thank them and then make my way to the car.

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