One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


38. The make up

Nialls P.O.V

She was standing right there in front of me. I stare into her eyes. It’s been so long since I’ve had her close and I’m trying my best to no run up to her hug her tight and kiss her lips but I can’t. Her smile makes me just melt and her eyes god.

“We should go now” Liam says as him and Zayn stand up and walk towards the door.

“No I’m staying to see this” Louis replays in a chuckle. Liam then comes back and pushes Louis back towards the door. Harry is the last one out the door and is a couple of feet away from Stacy. He smiles at me and nods. I smile back and he’s out of the room. I shake my head to make the awkward moment end.

“Umm sit down” I move out of her way so she can sit down on the sofa.

“Thank you” she replays. I sit next to her.

“Do you want anything? Water juice?” I ask.

“Yeah water would be good” she answers. I stand up and walk towards the small refrigerator and grab her a water bottle. I walk back to her and hand it to her.

“Thanks” She smiles at me. After that there’s a long moment of awkward.

“Uhh Stacy we need to talk” I break the silence.

“Yeah we do” she says while drinking water and again there’s that silence. Ugh just tell her how you feel Niall.

“Look Stacy I love still love you and I’ve missed you so much. Its been quite a while since I saw you and um I’m just really happy to see you” I hesitate to let the words out of my mouth.

“I’ve missed you too Niall a lot and I still love you and I’m also happy to see you” As she says these words I feel something inside of me. A mix a happiness excitement and much more that I can’t even name. We sit around talking and soon we get to a comfortable talk where neither of us feel awkward. We talk about the good times we had when we were together and laugh about today. About how I saw her dancing during the show and how she had to hide from the cameras so I wouldn’t be able to see her and how Harry kidnapped her to make us both make up.

“Hey Harry has changed” I respond.

“Yeah I could tell” She answers.

“Like literally every day he apologies for what he did and I’m positive that he is truly sorry” I say.

“Yeah I could really tell when he was talking to me he truly was sorry and well I’ve forgiven him” she asnwers.

“They say that we're no good together And it's never gonna work out I wanna put it on my record I want everyone to know now” I hear my voice come out of her phone and I could tell this is awkward for her.

“Its Mya” She says as she ignores the call.

“How’s Mya?” I ask.

“Oh she’s good you know. We kind of don’t let her like let her drive anymore” I answer.

“I wouldn’t either” I respond then her phone rings again but it’s a text. She reads it over and the texts back.

“I need to go the girls are freaking out” She says while getting up.

“Oh okay then” I stand up and walk her to the door. I open the door for her and she steps out.

“So hey are we cool?” I ask praying that we are.

“Yeah of course” She responds.

“Great so ill text you some time so we can hang out. Well that’s if it’s okay with you” I try not to show my happiness to much.

“Yeah its okay don’t worry” She chuckles.

“Oh yeah just give me your number” I ask reaching over to the table to get a pice of paper and a pen.

“Umm I kind of still have your number ill just text you right now” she reaches for her phone from her back pocket and texts me. I soon get her text and her number.

“Thanks” I smile. Then again her phone rings and its another text from the girls.

“Yeah I have to get going” she says while walking away a bit.

“Yeah okay ill just call you someday” I exclaim as she walks way. She turns around and smiles. I close the door and walk back to the sofa and start jumping around and smiling over what just happened. Then there’s I knock on the door. It must be the boys waiting for me to tell them about how great everything went. I open the door and see Stacy right there. Without any words we make our lips meet at the same time and kiss. The happiness and excitement take over me. After we pull away from the kiss we smile at each other.

“Bye” she says while walking away.

“Bye I LOVE YOU!” I yell as she walks away. She turns around.

“I love you too!” she exclaims and then she’s gone. I stand there in the door just in case she comes back for another kiss but she doesn’t. The boys then come and I tell them everything and they are very happy for me. When I have told them everything I talk to harry alone and thank him.

“It’s the least I can do Niall. I’m just happy to see you happy” Harry says. I walk to him and hug him.




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