One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


10. the hospital

I quicly arrive at the hospital. I get of and walk to the entrance and then i hear someone yelling my name. I turn around expecting it ti be Harry im about to yell but as i turn around i notice that its Niall.

"Niall what-" i fade away.

"Sorry i just had to come" i walks towards me and holds my hand.

"Okay lets go" i dont argue. I find Yesenia and walk to her. "How she doing?" i ask giving her a hug

"Oh shes doing better and is that Niall" she looks behind me.

"Oh yeah Niall this is Yesenia and Yesenia this is Niall" i bring him up. They say hi. "So were are Ana and Anessa

"They're at the caffe" she says.

"Okay see you in a while" i take Nialls hand and walk to the caffe. "I forgot to ask how this happened didnt i"

"You sure did babe" he sees that im very worried and quickly stops me and kisses me on the lips. "Shes going to be okay baby dont worry" I smile and keep walking and find Ana and Anessa.

"Ana Anessa" i call out.

"Stacy" Ana turns around.

"When did you get hear?" Anessa is drinking coffe.

"Just right now. How did this happen" i ask

"She was geting you a birthday cake and then a car crashed into her" Ana tells me.

"But dont worry she got better"Anessa puts he hand on my shoulder. "Is that Niall" she asks and i look at Niall and introduce them to each other. When we that is over we walk to the waiting room were Yesenia is. We sit and soon the doctor comes out.

"Mya Voong" he says loudly

"Voong?" Niall asks.

"Yeah she Chinese over here" i raises my hand and walk to him.

"May i speak to the parents?" he asks and my heart breaks apart because her parents died 2 years ago on a car crash.

"Ummm they are not here" i say and the girls look at me.

"Ohhh sorry you are?" he ask taking his glasses of.

"We are her friends we live with her"  i answer.

"Oh okay so shes fine she can go home later like at 10pm she can have visits but only one or two at the time does someone want to come in" he asks.

"You and Niall go in stacy" Yes says.

"me" i raise a eyebrow

"yeah" they say

"Okay" i follow the doctor and take Nialls had because deing in between two directioners might be a little awkward  I open the door and a nurse leaves. 

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