One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


42. The End xx

After I get the kitchen ready I go upstairs and walk into my bedroom and finding Niall really relaxed watching TV.

“May I join you Mr. Horan?” I ask sarcastically.

“Of course you may Mrs. Horan” he responds I walk towards the bed and lay down on the white bed covers. I use Nialls muscular stomach as my pillow and make myself comfortable. Niall turns the TV of and we lay there in silence Niall playing around with my hair.

“You know what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately love?” He asks as he holds my hand up and plays around with my fingers and my engagement rings.

“What’s that babe?” I ask.

“How far we have come from that night at o2” he chuckles at the flash back of when we met.

“God that was a crazy day” I laugh out loud.

“You were pretty obsessed back then” He holds my had.

“No I wasn’t obsessed I was detected” I respond with some sass.

“Right” Niall kiss my forehead. There is a long pause without a sound except the sound of the wind coming in from the balconies opened door. Then it hits me and I burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“The first time we met” I respond.

“What’s so funny about it was a amazing moment” he chuckles.

“You think trying to sneak into a meet and greet and then falling to the floor face first and getting a bloody nose in front of you idol not just  that but getting your idol worried and have him come rushing to you is amazing” I laugh throughout.

“Well maybe it wasn’t so amazing but seeing you for the first time and marrying you was definitely more than just amazing” We stare at each other’s eyes, “I love you Stac”

“I love you too Niall” I make our lips touch.

“Knock knock love birds” Someone knocks on the door. I would recognize that voice anywhere. Niall and I stop the kiss in surprised.

“El how did you get in?” I ask in surprisment as I sit up.

“Tuff security you guys got here “Louis sarcastically says from a side of Eleanor.

“Mason here let us in” Eleanor says as she puts mason down on the floor.  Mason then runs to me and Niall.

“Mas you can’t open the door like that okay you need to come get mommy or daddy okay” Niall sets Mason on his lap and speaks to his ear as I chuckle.

“Aunt El and uncle luwis” Mason says as he plays with his small toy car. Louis chuckles as he hears Mason not say his name right.

“No mason it Louis now lewis say uncle Louis” I baby talk him.

“Uncle luwis” we all laugh.

“He’ll get it someday” El chuckles.

“Alright Mas go play with your little cousin show her  your toys and play okay ” Niall puts Mason down and lets him go play with Eliza Eleanor and Louis girl. At this point everyone on the boys have had a child. All of them around 2 the same age as Mason except for Harrys baby girl she is about 5 days old but he hasn’t revealed the name yet. I watch Mason walk out the room and he reminds me so much of Niall. He has his blue eyes his brown hair (Niall no longer has blond hair) and his sweet smile the only thing he probably got from me was my dimples and that’s about it. We all walk down to the the dinner room and wait for everyone. Zayn arrives with Perrie and their boy Ethan. Then Liam arrives with Dani with Isaac. Lastly comes Harry with his wife who is actually my friend Mya. We all huddle around the baby carrier to see the baby.  She looks so much like Harry and yet so much like Mya.

“So are guys going to reveal the name?” Liam asks.

“Okay so her name is…” Harry starts.

“Madison!” the both finish of.

“How cute” Perrie Dani El and me say at the same time so we then all burst out laughing. After talking for a moment we all go eat. Niall sits next to me and Mason in-between me and Louis.

“Uncle Louis im sorry for not getting your name right” Mason says as he touches Louis forearm. We all cheer as we hear Mason say Louis name right.

“You just did” Louis baby talks with a huge smile. We all start taking about our life’s and how the boys have one tour before having a long break. Once everyone leaves I clean the kitchen and then go to our bedroom with Niall. I get dressed brush my teeth and join Niall in bed. Mason then comes into our room with his small teddy bear.

“Mummy daddy my room is really lonely” He says with a sleepy voice.

“Ahhh come here honey” I stand up and bring him to bed with us. I set him in between Niall and I. We give him a good night kiss and Niall starts to sing him to sleep. He sing Lego House and join him. Mason is soon asleep. Niall grabs my hand from under the covers.

“Love you my princess” He whispers.

“I love you too my prince” I whisper back. He then leans in and kiss my lips softly but passionate.



The End  xx


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