One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


37. “Stacy don’t do it for me do it for Niall and yourself cas I know you still love him”


    The two pair of hands have a good grip on my waist.

"PUT ME DOWN!" I yell but of course I’m not let down. I start kicking and hitting the back of she’s or his back. I kick back and forth and feel my leg hit their face, “That’s what you get. NOW PUT ME DOWN!!” I exclaim. Then I feel the environment changes and I feel inside of a room. The person pulls me of their shoulder and sits me down on a sofa. Just then I feel the black object that has been covering my face removed from my view.

“Hi” his voice in a steady tone.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR” I yell out as loud as I can.

“Im sorry I just need to talk to you” He sits down next to me.



“I’m sorry but that was the only way you would come with me and be able to talk” he says in a calm tone. I then notice his nose dripping blood.

“Oh my god did I do that? I’m so sorry Harry” I say worrying about him, “Is that what I did when I kicked you?”

“Yeah” he stands up and grabs a tissue from a table near, “But anyway I need to talk to you”

“Yeah I think I kind of know that after you practically kidnaped me” I chuckle.

“Right……Hey we need to talk about Niall” his voice is now steady.

“Harry I don’t want to talk about it everything is already fine just leave it alone” frustration is in my voice.

“NO Stacy nothings are not fine Niall still loves you and it’s all my fault how can I live whit that!” he almost yells at me as if it is my fault, “I’m sorry Stacy and maybe your still not ready to forgive me but I’m gonna makes things right”

”Bye Harry” I stand up and try to walk away but grabs my hand and pulls me down. Making me sit down again.

“I did not just ‘kidnap’ you for nothing. I ‘kidnaped’ you so you and Niall could talk and make up. Ever since that day that we saw you in the street and you drove of he’s been crazy” I can really feel that he’s sorry. Without one word I try standing up and leaving but again he’s there to stop me.

“No I don’t need to talk to him if he doesn’t know I’m here” I respond annoyed.

“How stupid can you be? Stacy he saw you while we were performing. He’s probably talking to the boys about it right now” He replays with stupidness directed towards me. I don’t respond, “Stacy don’t do it for me do it for Niall and yourself cas I know you still love him” it’s true I still do love him. I sit there in silence thinking of what I should do.

“Okay fine” I finally respond.

“YES! Okay come on” he stands up and we walk towards the door.

“Harry?” I stop him.

“Mhhh” He looks at me.

“Thanks for ‘kidnaping’ me and helping Niall and me out” I add a chuckle at the kidnaping part.

“No problem it’s the les I can do” He responds. I just can’t believe that this was the Harry that caused all this drama a while ago and now he’s making it all better. I just can’t help myself but to throw myself into he’s arms and hug him. I can tell he’s very surprised because he doesn’t react and hugs me back right away. I don’t really care if he doesn’t hug me I just want him to know that I’m very thankful. After a couple of seconds he hugs me tight.

“Harry” I mumble through his blazer.

“Yeah” he says while still hugging.

“I forgive you” I respond.

“For what? For kidnaping you or for the shit I made months ago?” he chuckles.

“For both” I chuckle back.

“Thank you it really means a lot” we let go and for the first time since the last time I look into his eyes.

“No problem now umm we should go see Niall” I break the silence.

“Right come on this way” We walk out the door that reads Harry Styles. We walk through the arena and to the other side. Before I know it we’re standing in front of a door that reads ‘Niall Horan’. “Ready?”

“Yeah” I respond Harry opens the door. Liam Louis and Zayn are sited on the sofa facing towards the door. While Niall is sitting down. His back facing me. None of them seem to notice me and just keep talking.

“Niall are you sure?” Louis asks.

“Guys I’m sure I saw her right there I could still see her. She was dancing while we were performing” Niall says. Just hearing his voice makes my scream in happiness, “but I guess I just miss her to much that I see her everywhere. I think I’m losing it” he says as he gets up.

“No Niall you’re not losing anything you did see her” Harry then says loudly making everyone look at me in shock. Niall turns around and stares at me.

“Hi” I shyly say.


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