One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


30. "So is the best thing i can do is break up with Niall"

I wake up and see Niall still sleeping. Its been a week since that day. I get my phone and go on twitter and see al this horrible tweets.Some say 'bitch your the reason why the band is breaking up' and 'i wasted all my money to buy a damn ticket to see them sing and you ruin it bitch' and 'bitch wish you die' and more horrible tweets. This of course makes me cry. The band isnt broken up but they have canceled shows. I have to talk to someone before Niall wakes up. I look at the clock and it 5:57am. I get out of bed and walk to the room were Liam and Zayn are sleeping. I knock on the door.

"Paul 5 more minutes!" liam yells

"Liam im not Paul im Stacy i need to talk to you please open the door" soon Liam opens the door and i walk in.

"So what do you need to talk about?" Zayn i guess woke up when i interred and asks.

"I need to talk to you guys about whats going on in the band" the boys stare at each other.

"What do you mean?" Liam asks.

"Why are people tweting me that the band is broken up?" The boys talk among them self's and then answered.

"Look the boys are not talking to each other Harry is mad at Niall Niall is mad at Harry and Harry is mad at Louis and Louis is mad at Harry and they dont want to talk to each other and the only cool ones are Me and Liam we cant be One Direction without three members" zayn says

"Come on can you guys talk to them ill talk to Niall please this cant happen" i say with tear forming

"We been trying that more than often but they dont want to talk to eachother Stacy" Liam responds

"This is all my fault" i put my head on my hands. The boys come near me and confor me.

"No stacy this is Harrys fault he shouldn't have done anything in the first place" Liam says. I think for a while.

"So is the best thing i can do is break up with Niall" i say with my voice cracking.

"I sorry to say but i think thats one way things can get better" Zayn says. I dont blame them this is all my fault. im breaking the band up with all my shit. The boys talk to me to try to make me feel better. When its about time that Niall will get up i walk to the room. 

"Thanks boys" i say 

"No prob love" Liam says

"Everything will be okay dont worry" Zayn says i smile and walk to the room i open the door and see that Niall is up and watching Tv. Its now or never

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