One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


35. "Shes here to enjoy the show so fuck of!"

"HURRY WERE GOING TO BE LATE" i run to my room. My parents let my out of work late so now im running late for the show. I grab my favorite jeans that are ripped from the tight and have lace under. I grab my black wavy shirt and put it on along with my jeans. I run to the closet and get my toms they are heels actually but it looks like they are high tops. I tie the shoe laces and then go to the bathroom. I let my natural long dark wavy hair fall down my back. I apply some eyeliner and a bit of blush.

"Get the car ready im almost ready!" i yell as i put my things away. I grab my bag and phone and walk to the living room.

"You ready?" Ana asks. I nod and we walk out the door to my car. I get in the drivers seat and drive to the arena. I find a parking space not very far from the entrance. We get out of the car and make our way to the line and wait till they calls us.

"NEXT!"a  lady in a black uniform yells over the screams. We walk forward to be standing in from of her. "May i please check your bags" she asks. We put our bags on the table in front of us and the lady goes through them."ID's please" i pull my wallet out of the bag and take my ID out and show her it. "OKAY SATCY YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS OF OKAY ENJOY THE SHOW' she hands me the ID and i smile . I put it back in my wallet and then notice that the noise leveled down a bit and that everyone is now staring at me. I make my way pass the fuse along with the girls and enter the arena. We seem to arrive a bit early so we find our seats fast. We sit down and wait for the show to begin.

"Is that her?" i girl behind us whispers.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" the other one says loud enough for me to hear. Mya looks at me and rolls her eyes.

"Shes here to enjoy the show so fuck of okay?" she stands up and turns around and yells at them. The girls seem to be surprised and don't say anything and just roll their eye. Mya sits back down and we all start to laugh. I couple of minutes later they play Feel so Close by Calvin Harris. The girls and I love this song. They get up and start to dance while im still seated.

"Get your ass up!" Ana says while Anessa and Yes are pulling my arm giving me no choice but to join them. I wait for the upbeat part to come up and then i go crazy. Jumping up and down singing along with the girls. When the song is over we notice that the show should start any minute and that the arena is now full. We take a seats and wait. The lights slowly dim down leaving the arena in pitch black and flashes. I huge screen appears on stage counting down from 10.

"MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ONE DIRECTION" someone yells and the arena goes wild. We stand up and do the same. We yell and jump. When the countdown gets to 1 my heart skips a beat. When its on 0 there's fireworks going of the fans are yelling and the screen is now flashing One Direction. The i see 5 figures raising up from a platform in front of the screen that now is steady and reads:

                One Direction

        Zayn Louis Liam Harry Niall

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