One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


9. "Please"

I pretend not to hear his voice and unlock the door but im late by the time i open the door Harry is beside me.

"I need to talk to you" he is leaning on his arm that is against the the car.

"I can i have a emergency" im having a hard time finding the key

"Please Stac" my heart jumps as soon as he says that. Thats what he use to call me when we were dating. I just standing there stupid looking at him.

"Sorry" i finally find the key. Just then he takes the keys from my hand and looks the car with the remote and puts them behind his back. "Harry im not kidding give me the keys" i try to reach behind his back.

"Not till you hear me" he pulls the keys up in the air high enough for me not to reach.

"Fine hurry up" i cross my arms.

"Look Stacy ever since i saw you i cant stop thinking about you i have no idea how i could have had broken up with you" he looks into my eyes

"Harry dont" i whisper

"I admit it im jealous" he opens his arms

"Harry do go there" i say 

"I love you and would you go out with me" he walks towards me and holds my hand.

"Im not leaving Niall" i take a step back but cant manege to get his hand of. 

"Please" he is now leaning in to kiss me.

"Sorry" i snap out of it and walk back. I quickly grab the keys and he doesnt argue. I get in the car and drive away. I can see he is dead in the inside. Hes just standing there with his head on the back of his head.

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