One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


31. "No matter what happens weather me and you break up or me and Harry don't get things straight i want you to know that i love you and will always be ready for you okay baby" i cant tell his been crying.

"Good morning babe" Niall comes near me and kisses me.

"Good morning" i follow Niall to the bed and sit next to him.

"Where were you?" he asks.

"Umm i was with Elenor having a tea" i respond

"Oh okay i was getting scared" he responds with a smile and kisses my forehead. 

"Niall i need to talk to you" I look at him.

"Okay talk to me" He turns the tv of.

"Theres no other easy way to say this but..." i take a need breath and try to hold the tears a little longer. "we need to break up" Nialls expression shows me that hes dead in the inside.

"Stacy no babe i love you" he takes my hand.

"Niall i love you too" i respond and feel water filling the bottom of my eye.

"Why then?" i look at him and his eyes are watery.

"The band is breaking up because of me Niall i brought all of this shit in between the band and know people hate me more than ever" i respond. "You boys aren't taking to each other and you had to cancel shows because of me"

"Stacy please dont i love you" Niall

"Niall nothing is going to be fixed as a directioner i know how it would feel if i saw you guys break up" i let the tears fall "if i stay with you the band wont be able to rehearsal or do anything together because of me"

"Stacy this was not your fault this was Harrys fault babe" he takes his thumb and wipes a tear.

"Niall it is im the reason why Louis and Harry are mad at eachother and you and Harry got in that fight" i say

"Please Stacy dont do this to me ill fix things but please just please stay with me" he holds my hands even tighter. Knowing Harry things wont get better unless i leave.

"Niall dont make things harder please" i get up and walk to the bad and just lay there. I can tell Niall is mad. He walks out the door and i just lay there. Its the best thing to do Stacy and look in the bright side. The fans will forget about you and will leave you alone. The boys will be able to make the fans happy and Niall Harry and Louis will be happy with each other with out me in there way. After 30 minutes i hear Niall come in. He lays next to me and holds me close to him. He plays with my hair and whispers

"No matter what happens weather me and you break up or me and Harry don't get things straight i want you to know that i love you and will always be ready for you okay baby" i cant tell his ben crying.

"I love you to Niall and i always will" i kiss his forehead and then he kisses me on the lips.

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