One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


36. “lol she does.....shit”


The boys start the show and the crowed goes wild. The girls seem to be having fun so i join then. When the song is over the boys walk to the front of the stage.


"Hello" Niall says. Its been a while since I've heard hes voice so this makes my heart stop.


"Thanks so much for coming" Harry continues. The boys talk for a while and then sing. After a couple of songs the boys do twitter questions.


"Okay this is the one I picked 'Do you lads ever watch the toilet flush away when you've done your business?" Louis reads. They boys laugh about for a while. I hear Nialls laugh eco through the arena and it makes me laugh. They calm down and answer the question.

“No I don’t think I’ve done that” Niall trys to not laugh.

“Yeah me either” Zayn adds

“I think no ive never done that” Harry chuckles about.

“No I haven’t” Liam states.

“Yeah I haven’t done that yet” Louis says and everyone laughs.

“Okay Ella were are you” Niall says. I read the screen and look for the section.

“Shit Stacy it the chik behind us” Anessa says. I look out to the crowed and see a spotlight coming towards me. I don’t know what do so I just get down and lay on the floor.

“Hi Ella” The boys say to her and shes freking out while im over here laying on the floor. When the spotlight is of her I stand up and the girls start laughing at me. The boys continue the show and I pretend like nothing has happened.

“The one that I came with she had to go......” Zayn starts to sing. C’mom C’mom is my favorite song so as soon as I relize it my song I start singing like a syco. Im jumping up and down. When harry sings hes solo I turn to Yesenia and start to sing.

“Every step I take im feelin more and more shes calling it out and shes lookin good......” The whole time during the solo Im turned to Yesenia. I turn to look at the stage.

“Hey look that girl has the same shirt as you” Ana says and I look at the big screen.

“lol she does.....shit” As I look at the screen I realize that its me. I look at Niall who has seen this and can’t stop staring at the screen surprised that its me. He turn hes eyes to the section were the spotlight is. I quickly pull Ana in front of me and the spotlight soon goes away.

“Do you think he recognized you?” Mya asks.

“I hope not shit” I say. I down enjoy the show as much after that.

“Thanks so much for coming this is our last song sing along this is What Makes You Beautiful” Niall says. As they start to sing I realize that we should get going.

“Mya we should leave now the traffic is going to be horrible” I yell over the screams.

“No wait” Mya Yells back.

“Mya you’re going to regret this once were stuck in a two hour traffic” I say back. She soon realizes that its true.

“Ok lets go” I tell the other girls were leaving. We grab our things and start to walk out. The song is very close to the end so we start to run. When we finally are outside we slow down and walk towards the car. I turn around and see that the show has ended. All the fans are coming out the arena.

“So did you guys enjoy the show?” I ask but there’s no respond. I turn around to see that Ive lost the girls. I stop and search for then but cant find them.

Then all of the sudden I feel something on my face and then I see nothing but black. Then I feel a cloth over my mouth. I try to scream but nothing comes out. I feel two hands pull me over their shoulder. Im dead scared right now. I try to scream on more time but then in out  



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