One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


32. Im Coming Back For You

(Sorry for any mistakes  i really wanted to put feeling into this chapter please leave some comments and let me know what you think. I think i might write one more chapter thanx)

I get in the car that will take me to the airport. I will be going home with Elenor. When we arrive at the airport we find our flight and say bye. I walk to Zayn and Liam and say thank you. Then i walk to Louis and say thank you as well. Then i walk to Niall.

"So i guess this is bye" he says

"Yeah i guess so" i say

"Do you mind if i hug you one last time" before hes done talking i jump into his arms and hug him tight. He holds me closer to him. 

"Im going to miss you" i say letting go. Elenor comes and tells me that our flight will be ready anytime.

"Me too" i see tears forming on his eye.

"Dont cry i love you remember" i give him a small smile.

"Yeah i know but i want you to love me like you loved me when we were together" he says

"Well i cant do that right now" i say back. Then at the same time we see Harry coming towards me.

"Can i talk to Stacy?" he asks. I nod and walk towards Harry. Niall holds my hand.

"Its okay" i whisper. He lets go and i walk in front of Harry and let him talk.

"Stacy im very sorry for what i did i was a idiot and i want to know if you can forgive me" he tells me

"Harry what you did was more than being a idiot you made me and Niall break up"  he looks at the ground ashamed.

"I know and im really really sorry can you please forgive me" he looks into my eyes.

"No i dont forgive you Harry" i look straight in to his eyes and make sure the words get straight to him. Elenor comes to me and tells me that the flight is ready. I walk towards Niall.

"Wait..." Harry holds my hand and i see that Niall sees this and is walking towards us. I shake my head and turn around to face Harry "Can i have a hug please?" I get close to him and hug him for his sake. He holds me tight. I then let go. "Bye" he says. I walk away and just smile. I walk to Niall.

"Well i guess i have to leave now" i hug him without asking. I let go

"Um Stacy can i have one more k-" i cut him of and kiss him more passionately than ever and play with his hair.

This is the last time i will kiss those beautiful lips. This is the last time i will have this beautiful person in my arms. This is the last time i will be with the person that i love. This is the last time i will be with this Irish nice sweet hot sexy beautiful caring figure. I want the kiss to keep going for ever. I want to feel the feeling i feel when im with him so i can feel it and tell my self that i love him. I want to taste his lips one more time. I want to feel those glody locks that are actually brown and tell my self that Niall James Horan did love me once  I want to feel his lips touching mine telling me that he loves me. I just want to feel him and keep him with me forever. When we let go our foreheads are touching.

"I love you" i feel his breath on me that is driving me crazy because i wont be able to feel his breath ever again.

"I love you too Niall" i respond

"Lest go Stacy" Elenor says. I try to pull away but Niall holds me close. He gives me the softest kiss ever that drives me insane because i want more that just a kiss. I smile and walk to Elenor. We are walking away.

"IM COMING BACK FOR YOU!" Niall; yells and i turn around he blows me a kiss i pretend to catch it and then i bow him another he pretends to catch it and then smile. Soon hes out of sight. Me and Elenor sit in our seats. No words describe how i feel. I want to see him everyday. Well of course i will see him up on my walls everyday but i want him to see me and i want us to be able to kiss and be together with out problems. 

"Its going to be okay Stacy" Elenor looks at me. "Niall Horan James doesn't give up that easily" she smiles.

The words ring in my brain over and over and im praying that they will come true.....

Im Coming Back For You

I Love You 


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