One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


5. I can see this is punishment for him

"Hi love" i close the door.

"Hi babe" he leans and we kiss for about 20 seconds witch i a long time if you count. "Oh yeah right Harry is in the back"

"Hi Harry" i say.

"Hey" by the way he says hey i can tell he didnt expect me to be here. Niall drives us of to the restaurant  We walk inside and barely hear what they are saying.

"But the weird thing is that she dated Harry" Louis leans on the table.

"Really?" Perrie leans in. By the time she says this they are able to see us.

"Hi guys" Niall says with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey" Harry says with his hands in his pocket. They all stand up but Harry sits down.

"This is Stacy my girlfriend Stacy this is Perrie Zayns girlfriend Danielle Liams girlfriend and Eleanor Louis girlfriend" Niall points to all of them as he says their names.

"I love your dress" Eleanor says from across the tabel.

"Hi girls and thank you" i smile. We sit down and eat. I can see that this is punishment for Harry.

"So guys tomorrow is Stacys birthday what should we do?" Niall say and i look at him.

"Oh Niall no no" i look at him.

"Oh come on lets do something" Niall puts his hands together. Th rest of boys and girls start to say 'yeah come on' and things like that.

"Oh okay" i say.

"Lets take her to the amusement park" Eleanor suggested.

"Yeah lets do that" i look at Perrie who is siting beside Zayn.

"You want to do that Stacy?" louis looks at me.

"Yeah sure" i say 

"You coming Harry" Niall asks.

" know i cant" He has his chin on the table.

"Ohh right" Niall nods. At the end when we are done we say good bye and Niall takes me home with Harry in the back. When we get to my house Niall walks me to the door and Harry stays in the car.

"Bye babe" Niall says taking both of my hands.

"Bye love" i get closer to him.

"I love you" he comes closer and our noses meet.

"Love you too cutie" i say.

"Ill pick you up at 10 okay" he takes my hands and holds them tight.

"Okay love you" i bring our hands down.

"Love you too beautiful" We finally give up and kiss. He leaves and i walk inside. I walk to my room trying not make any noise so i wont wake the girls but i walk in and they are in the living room.

"Sooo" Ana trails of.

"How did it go" Anessa sits up.

"Ill tell you tomorrow" i say as i sit next to Mya.

"Why?" Yesenia asks like if she was a five year old.

"Cause im tiered" i stand up.

"Okay goodnight" Mya says.

"Goodnight" i hear Yesenia say as i make my way to my room.

"Sweet dreams Go dream about you Niall"  Ana says.

"Or Harry" Anessa teases.

"Shut up good night and i love you guys" i say and i close my door. I go into my room and put my pj's on and lay on my bad and wait for my 19th birthday to come.

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