One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


26. how lucky is she

I open the door of my room and open my closet. I grab the suitcases handle i set it on the bed and open it to see papers in it. I haven't used this suit case in along time. I quickly take the papers out but a picture catches my eye. Its a picture of me and Harry when we were together. I look at it and think to my self. How did he turn into such a jerk. I tear the picture apart and throw it in the trash bin. I get some clothes in the suit case and the change into a pair of skinny jeans a black Hollister shirt i put on my toms and take my black leather jacket with me. I take the suit case to the living room and see that Elenor is there. I greet her and then the girls come in.

"Stacy were you going?" Ana asks

"Guys i need to go with Louis i messed up things bad with Niall and need to fix things ill be back soon okay but we need to leave now okay" they all nod and Louis helps me with my suitcase. As louis puts the suit case in the cars trunk i run back to my room and search for the necklace Niall gave me for my birthday. I put it on and walk out and get in the car. We arrive at the airport and get in our flight. How lucky is Elenor to have someone like Louis next to her. The flight is pretty long. We land and louis calls Paul to come pick us up. Paul comes to pick us and drives us to the hotel.

"You go ahead ill get a room for you and Elenor" louis says 

"Thanks for all of this louis i own you big time" i respond

"Your welcome babe" he says back. I run up the stairs to the floor were Niall is. I then run back down were Louis is.

"Louis umm what number is Niall room" i ask feeling stupid

"number B24" he responds with a laugh.

"Thanks" i run back up stairs and Elenor stays down at he lobby with Louis. I look for the room number and soon find it. I stop in front of the door and think about what im going to say so i dont make things worse.

"Thats funny" i hear coming from room B23 it a familiar voice i think Zayns. I walk to the room and decide to talk to Zayn first. I open the door and see Zayn Liam and Harry looking at something on the computer. Seeing Harry smiling gets me so mad but i tell my self to no do something stupid. The first one who notices me is Harry. I gets up from the bed and walks towards me with his arms open ready to hug me. I totally lose it and get mad.

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