One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


39. "He knows it turns me on"

Exactly today three years ago today Niall and I made up from our split and things couldn’t be better. I’m standing next to Eleanor beside the stage jamming out to the boys singing. We dance and sing along like maniacs. I stare and Niall and could not believe how far we have come from the first day we meet to the day we split and then today. Everything has been so amazing ever since we got back together. I have bonded more with the boys, Eleanor and even the crew. Maybe to well with the crew. A couple weeks after Niall and I made up I got close to Lou and soon became her personal assistant so now I travel everywhere with Niall and boys and I don’t have to deal with the pain of missing Niall. The song ends and the lights dim down the boys make their way to the dressing room and start undressing themselves and change.

“When are you going to do it?” Louis tries to whisper to Niall but fails.

“I don’t know after the show” He responds.

“Do what?” I ask. Louis looks at Niall.

“Ummm…..” Niall tries to come up with something. Right then he has all the boys attention.

“Come on boys not another prank please” I beg.

“Yes it’s another prank” Liam comes out of nowhere.

“Yes so keep an eye out” Zayn adds.

“No boys please tell me what it is this time please” I persuade.

“It’s a prank what would be the whole point on telling you” Harry chuckles.

“Come on” I try to get it out of the boys but nothing comes out. I keep helping them change, “Okay are you boys set?”

“Yes I think” Niall responds.

“Liam do those pants fit right?” I ask liam.

“Yeah their right” He responds.

“K and Harry please don’t pull Liams pants down again” I chuckle.

“I won’t it was payback so I’m good now” He responds.

“Louis Zayn are you boys ready?” I ask

“I am” Zayn responds.

“Me too” Louis adds.

“Okay then you boys are ready go on” I say as they walk to the door, “Good luck have fun”

“Watch out!” Liam brings up the prank again.

“Ugh come on” I say frustrated. The boys pass me laughing but then I stop Louis and Niall. “Louis can you please tell me please you don’t even have to tell me give me a hint please”

“Okay Stacy ill give you a hint because I love you that much” he puts his hand on my shoulder. He then turns and looks at Niall. Niall gives him a expression saying ‘What are you doing?’. Louis looks back at me .

“Well are you going to tell me?” I demand. He takes a deep breath.

“Its huge” He smiles kisses my forehead and walks away.

“Yes thanks Louis that helps a lot I love you” I yell.

“Love you too Stac” he yells back. Niall then turns me to face him.

“Niall please tell me please” I chuckle. He doesn’t respond and smiles. “It involves more eggs huh Niall come on”

“No baby it doesn’t okay its much better than that” He responds.

“Ugh okay fine” I say impatiently.

“Alright I love you babe okay” He then kisses my lips softly because he knows it turns me on and then there’s no way I could be mad at him.

“Love you too” I replay, “Now go on”

“Okay I need to talk to you after the show so don’t go far” He say while walking away.

“Okay” yell back.

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