One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


6. Happy birthday


My phone rings and its Niall. I answer it and the boys and him start to sing happy birthday.

"Omg thanks so much babe tell the boys i said thank you and i love them" i say he tells the boys and then comes back to the phone.

"Happy birthday love" Niall responds with a happy voice.

"Thank you so much" respond.

"So are we the first ones to say happy birthday" By the way he says this is know hea awake.

"Yeah" i say. Just then Mya walks in to the door and screams happy birthday.

"Was i the first one this year" she asks.

"Well your second Niall and the boys were first but i still love you" i give a smile at the end.

"Okay ill try next year" She slowly walks out of the room and i go back to the phone.

"Hello niall" i lay back down.

"Yeah im here" He says.

"Sorry it was just Mya" I say trying not to yawn.

"No prob babe you and that girl have something special dont you" He say clearly.

"Yeah she came from the US to live with me" i respond.

"Woww thats a good friend" He almost trails of.

"Well hey im going to let you rest ill see you at ten love you bye babe" he yawns at the end.

"I love you to babe bye" i hang up i stand up and walk to the kitchen to get water and a snack. I walk through the living room and see Mya lying on the couch. Somehow watching the Olympics yeah knowing that her sister in in the USA gymnastic team

"What cha watchin?" i walk pas her.

"Watchin this chick on the uneven bars" she says.

"Cool" i walk to the kitchen and she follows me.

"So now that you got yiur beauty sleep tell me about the date what happened?" she ask standing next to me.

"Nothing the girls are really sweet specially Eleanor" I reach for a donut.

"What about Harry?" she gives me a look.

"Nothing why?" i take i bite of my donut. 

"Cas i can tell something happened so let the cat out the bag" she takes a piece of my dounut.

"Nothing happened Mya" I take the milk out and pour some on a cup.

"Then what is it?" she ask taking my cup and drinking some.

"Its not what Harry does its what Niall did and said" i take the cup out of her hand.

"Why what happened?" i tell her what happened in the car and about the kiss.

"You dont think he still has feelings for me do you" i say looking at her eyes.

"I dont know honey you know how Harry can be" she says and walks away to the couch and i walk back to the room.

"Good night again" i walk to my room.

"Good night and happy birthday" i walk to my room and sleep.


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