One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


11. Awkward

"Hey how are you feeling" i walk in.

"Good actully very good i dont feel anything" she says with a clear voice

"Really" i give a 'are you sure face"

"Yeah and hey im sorry this happened on you birthday" she put her head down and all i can see is a scare on her forehead.

"Dont worry" i look at her

"So you going to introduce him to me or what?" she looks at Niall and i smile

"Right Niall this is my best friend Mya Voong and Mya this is my boyfriend Niall Horan"They shake hands.

"Im such i big fan" Mya say looking into his eyes.

"Thank you love"he smile. A nurse walks checks Mya and then turns around.

"omg are you Niall Horan from One Direction" she trys not yell

"Umm yeah" he has a awkward look in his face

"Can you pliz sign here" she gives him a clip board with a black picture and a pen. I smile awkwardly at Mya thinking 'wow even in this place you hear One Direction'

"There you go love" he hands he the paper and she leaves with a smile and we just start to laugh for some reason.

"What?" he asks with a smile

"No nothing"  i say

"Well since im feeling better you should go back to your date" she sits up 

"What no" i look at her.

"Please for me im feeling better ill see you later" I look at Niall

"Fine" I walk to her and kiss her forehead and leave to Yesenia.

"She wants you to go back to the date huh" Yesenia looks at me.

"Yeah but im not leaving?" i say

"Come on make the girl happy well stay here" Anessa looks at me

"Yeah well see you later" ana says

"Okay ill see you guys later" i leave and get in the car with Niall

"You really care about that girl huhh" Niall takes my hand

"Yeah ever since her parents died ive been like her mom eve though we are the same age" i look at him

"Thats nice hey i saw Harry " Niall says and my heart stops i was so busy i forgot about Harry. "He said he was looking for Zayn to get some papers"

"Yeahh" i say

"Yeah he i guess he is very scared of roller coasters he looked confused or scared" he says and i dont know what to say

"Yeah hey how did you get here" i change the topic

"Oh i took a cab" he says and i could hear my heart beating faster and faster


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