One Heart and Two Directions

When Stacy ends up dating Niall Horan from one directions things are suppose to get better but no. When Stacy meets up with the boys from the band she never new that something in her pass would come back. A problem that could possibly break One Direction up.


2. Are you daunting me?

"Hey im sorry if i made this awkward for you" i say looking down at my hands.

"Dont worry" he says with his finger on his lip and looking at me. I lean in and kiss his lips but as im geting closer to him he turns around and i kiss his cheek. 

"Are you daunting me?"  i say with a kind of 'are you kidding' voice.

"No no no babe" he says looking at me.

"Then whats going on?" i try to look directly at his eyes but i cant.

"Its not you beautiful its Harry you a directioner you know how he can be around girls right" he takes my hand and looks into my eyes.

"Right but dont worry about it okay" i lean in and this time try to kiss his cheek but then our lips meet. I start getting out the car. "I love you"

"I love you to love" he say with a smile.

"Call me" a make the phone thing.

"Ok" he says as i shut the door and walk home.

~~~~~~12:30 Niall calls~~~~~

Naill: hi

me: hey

naill: were you sleeping?

me: no i was waiting for you to call

I can hear the crazyness of the boys in the back specially Louis. We talk to a long time.

niall: hey the boys said why dont we have a date night you know with Eleanor Danielle and Perrie

me: yeah sure when?

naill: ummm what about friday?

me: yeah that sounds good

niall: okay then i have to go to sleep babe

me: okay i love you good night dont the the bed bugs bite

naill: haha ill try love you to babe bye

I hang up and lay on my bed thinking about friday and then i remember that saturday is my birthday. 

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