A One in a Million Guy

Kelsey meets Harry and everything instantly clicks. She likes him and he likes her. When everything seems to be going right, the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen, happens to Kelsey when she is with Harry. What will she do and how is the new guy Harry going to react? (It's not long but it's a good story, please read and tell me what you honestly think, thanks:))


3. Start of a Perfect Date


We talked for about an hour. He asked if I would like to accompany him to the movies. I agreed to go. I got into his car, which was an amazing car! He had to have money somewhere in the bank. We both buckled our seat belts and he winked at me. It was really slow and very attractive. I wanted to grab his face and start kissing him then and there. He was so beautiful. He started the car and we got on the road. “Do you mind if I make a quick stop at my house? I have to drop something off that I picked up earlier today.”, he asked. “Sure”, I responded. I kind of wanted to see his house. If it was anything like his car, It would be a nice place!

I turn up the radio to my favorite station, I start to sing. I know I'm not a good singer but I do it any way. Harry turns the radio down and looks at me. “Uuum, you cant sing, love...”, he said. I looked at him with a sad offended face. “Look, I know I'm no..”, I begin to say. “I mean, at least not better than me!”, he shouted over me. I looked at him curiously. He begins to sing and he sucked! Maybe worse than I did! It was so hilarious! I hit him flirtatiously on his shoulder and laughed hard, grabbing my stomach. He laughed and began to sing in what is his normal voice. I stopped laughing and looked over at him with a very big smile. His eyes were on the road while he sang. I have never heard a better voice. He was singing for real now. I knew it. He sounded like an angel. Better than the artist on the radio. I never wanted him to stop. It was so beautiful. I was still looking at him when he turned and looked at me. He looked at me and then burst “What are you staring at?! Haha!”, He said. “Your right”, I said. “What?”, he replied. I answered, “You do sing better than me, your voice is amazing”. He blushed and looked back at the road. I smiled and turned my head towards the road too.

All of a sudden I felt like I got a huge kick in the stomach. My jaw dropped a little and I winced. What was going on? Did I eat something? Harry saw the pain in my face and he looked over and said “Are you ok?”. I nodded without even looking at him. His deep, rich, slow, British voice seemed to take my mind of the pain. I was ok. 

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