A One in a Million Guy

Kelsey meets Harry and everything instantly clicks. She likes him and he likes her. When everything seems to be going right, the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen, happens to Kelsey when she is with Harry. What will she do and how is the new guy Harry going to react? (It's not long but it's a good story, please read and tell me what you honestly think, thanks:))


4. My Worst Nightmare


We arrived at his house which proved my assumptions to be right. It was big and nice! I got out of the car and Harry came over to greet me with a kiss. It was amazing. Those soft pink lips against mine. It was sweet. I followed Harry inside trying to hold my excitement inwards. He looked back to make sure I was still following and laughed awkwardly. He was just so darn cute. We go upstairs to his room. He had the biggest bed! It was high up and had a pure white comforter. He tells me to sit on his bed while he changes in his closet. His huge walk in closet. Woah. I started to feel that pain in my stomach again. It hurt so bad. I fell to the ground grabbing my stomach. I managed to get to my feet after a few minutes. Harry came out. He looked amazing but I was to worried about my self at the moment. Was I pregnant?! Of coarse not. I'm still a virgin, but that is what the pain felt like. “Could I use the bathroom really quickly, Harry?”, I asked. “Sure, first door on the right, down the hall.”, he said in that deep accent that I love. I jog to the bathroom. When I'm in there, I pull down my pants. It seems to be that I started my period right then. How could I not have notice that those pains were cramps and that I wasn't being moody, I was PMS-ing? “SHIT!!”, I say loudly, forgetting that Harry could hear me. I hear a tap on the door. “Is everything ok?”, Harry asks sounding concerned. “Yeah!”, I shout back. Everything was not ok. I was now freaked out. I texted Clara but with two minutes of no response, I had to do something. I wasn't going to wait for her all day. This was going to be so embarrassing but I have not choice. I am just lucky I have emergency pads in my bag.

I come out of the bathroom. My nerves were in nots for what I'm about to say. “uuuum Harry. I need to leave.”, I say so quietly. “What? Why? I though you liked me, I thought we were going to go out!”, He said. “I just started my period and I didn't know it. I don't know what to do.”, I said. Was that too much? Harry's face just looked back into mine. What did I just say? Oh no! I turned around pointing my back towards him and covering my eyes with my hands. “I'm sorry. I know, you probably don't care. I will just call Clar...”, I said before getting cut off. “What? No. You promised you would spend the day with me!”, he whined. He turned me around and took my hands in his, taking them off my eyes. I stared into his green eyes. My eyes began to water. Here I am with this amazing guy and I just had the worst thing that could possibly happen to a girl with a guy. “It's ok”, he said, whipping the tears from my eyes before they hit my cheek. Gosh, that voice and face could calm anything. He let go of my hands and walked away. What was he doing? He went back into his closet and came out with a pair of black sweat pants. “Put these on”, he says. He turned around and I quickly slipped them on. He turned back around. “I'll be right back. Go ahead and lay in my bead”, he told me. I nodded as he grabbed my face and kissed my forehead. I crawled onto his bed and folded myself under the cloud like covers. I met him earlier in the morning but I feel like I have known him for a long time.

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