A One in a Million Guy

Kelsey meets Harry and everything instantly clicks. She likes him and he likes her. When everything seems to be going right, the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen, happens to Kelsey when she is with Harry. What will she do and how is the new guy Harry going to react? (It's not long but it's a good story, please read and tell me what you honestly think, thanks:))


5. He's the Perfect Guy


I waited for him but he hasn't come yet. Thoughts raced through my head “Has he left me at his house waiting for me to stop waiting and leave? Wow! What a douche! I bet you that's what he is doing! It's been a long time. What else am I supposed to think?” I think I just heard a car door slam shut. Then the front door opens and slams shut. “Kelsey? Kelsey are you here?”, he shouted. It was Harry. He had come back. On the outside he was seductive, sexy guy but on the in he really was a sweet heart. He came up stairs into the room where I was at. “Where did you go?”, I asked. He was carrying a bag. “I brought you a pack of pads, midol, snacks, and movies.”, he said. I looked at him and smiled, about to cry again. This time, tears of joy. I got out of the warm shell of covers and walked over to him. I put my hands on his soft, warm cheeks, stood on my toes, and kissed him gently. “Thank you”, I said. I was so happy he went out of his way to do this for me. He looked down at me with blushed cheeks. I started to feel guilty. “I'm sorry. I probably look like a mess and I know you don't want to do this”, I apologized. “You look gorgeous and I do want to do this. You and I are together now.”, he said with passion. He bent down and kissed me again. I crawled back on the bed and he followed. Instead of being wrapped in blankets, Harry was wrapped around me. With his arms around my waist. “Talk to me.”, I told Harry. “what?”, he said a bit confused. “I want you to talk to me. Your voice makes me feel better.”, I said. He squeezed me a bit tighter and began to tell a story. I felt his warm breath and the tickling of his curls against my neck. I fell asleep lying in his arms. .

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