A One in a Million Guy

Kelsey meets Harry and everything instantly clicks. She likes him and he likes her. When everything seems to be going right, the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen, happens to Kelsey when she is with Harry. What will she do and how is the new guy Harry going to react? (It's not long but it's a good story, please read and tell me what you honestly think, thanks:))


1. Flirting


It was around lunch time and a friend and I wanted to go out to eat. We were already out shopping but we figured we would go and get a meal. I was so hungry! We both skipped breakfast which made me starving by the time lunch came around! I was cranky today for some reason. I don't know. We entered into this restaurant across from the outlet stores and waited to be seated. While I was bored and tweeting on my phone, I feel a jab in my side. “Ow! What was that for?!”, I ask my friend Clara. “Woah, you really are cranky today!”, Clara said. I just rolled my eyes and repeated my question. “Well, that guy over there was staring at you.”, she told me. I looked up and saw a curly haired boy across the restaurant. He was very attractive. I saw him look up at me and I smiled and brushed my hair out of my face. He smiled. “Do you know him?”, Clara asks, observing the little interaction between me and the guy. “Clara, you have been my bestfriend since 7th grade. If I met someone that hot don't you think I would have told you?”, I asked. Clara shrugged her shoulders.

A waitress came up to Clara and I and said, “Follow me, ladies”. I put my phone in my small side bag and followed our waitress. By luck, we just happened to get the booth behind the hot guy. I sat on the side where I could look at him and he could see me. The waitress smiled an unconvincing smile handed us our menus and walked away. I started to look through my menu but I looked up to see if the flirt was staring at me again. He was. He smiled again but with teeth this time. I smiled too. Clara was saying something but I was captured by this guys beautiful smile! It made me melt. Clara was looking at me, like she was waiting for some sort of answer. “What?”, I asked. “Were you even listening to me?! Are you still playing games with the boy in front of us?”, she says starting to get frustrated. I shrugged. I felt like I was being punished. “Whatever”, she says dramatically. “If he makes you smile then what ever!”. I giggled. I love Clara. The waitress comes back with her fake “I do not want to be here” smile, takes our orders, then leaves again. “Well, I'm going to go wash up in the bathroom, want to come?”, Clara asked. “Sure. Hold on. I'll be there in a minute”, I said. Clara nodded and walked off. I looked back at the guy to see if he was still up for our staring game. He was. I laughed at him and he laughed at me. He got up. Oh! I think he is heading towards me. I got butterflies.

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