A One in a Million Guy

Kelsey meets Harry and everything instantly clicks. She likes him and he likes her. When everything seems to be going right, the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen, happens to Kelsey when she is with Harry. What will she do and how is the new guy Harry going to react? (It's not long but it's a good story, please read and tell me what you honestly think, thanks:))


2. Approached Me


“Hi”, the hot guy said, standing at my table. He had the greenest eyes and the biggest hands and the deepest voice. He was British! I had a thing for British accents. The accents are so beautiful and it was hard to find one where I'm from! I was weirdly turned on by his hands though. Weird. “Hey”, I said cheerfully. “My name is Harry”, He said sitting down. Harry. That was an old, unusual name but it suited him perfectly. The butterflies in my stomach were growing. I almost felt like vomiting. “I'm Kelsey”, I said. He looked at me and smiled. “So, are you taking a break from your boy friend by having a ladies day out?”, he said. Ha! Boyfriend! That was the funniest thing I have heard all day long! I haven't had a boyfriend in over a year! “Haha. No, Harry. I don't have a boyfriend”. His face became more happy than before. “Well, what about you? Girlfriend? I'm sure you have one”, I said curiously  He shook his head. “Nope”. I was surprised. He was gorgeous! What kind of hot guy isn't already taken? I look over and see Clara coming out of the girls restroom from across the place. I look at Harry, alarmed. “Harry, could you give me a second to get rid of my friend?”, I asked. He laughed “Sure”, he said. I blushed and he got up. “Oh, so you guys actually talked?”, Clara said. “You saw?”, I asked. “Duh!”, Clara said being dramatic yet again. She tried to make conversation but I was focused on Harry. He was making me laugh. He crossed his eyes and puffed his cheeks out like a blow-fish  I held in my laughter the best I could. Then, Harry put a spoon on his nose and tried to balance it. At this point, I couldn't hold it in any longer. Clara looked at me and then turned to look at Harry. I blushed, embarrassed of my friend being so rude as to turn around into our flirting session. She turned back around and leaned across the table and whispered to me. “Do you want me to make an excuse to leave? I can tell you like him”, I nodded, still blushing. She giggled and picked up her phone. “Hey mom... No, I'm not busy!... Oh you need me?... On my way... Ok bye!”, Clara said into the phone she got up and looked at me. “Well it looks like I have to go”, she said. “Darn it!”, I said snapping my fingers. We made it very obvious and clear to everyone in the restaurant that she was leaving. Clara smiled and whispered to me as she left. “You owe me!”, she said. Harry came back and sat in her seat. “Your little charades almost cost me a friendship!”, I said only jokingly. He laughed and sarcastically said, “Oops”. 

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