You're Perfect to Me

Desirai Monroe(Dessi) has always had a pretty bad life. At the age of 4, her father started abusing her. At the age of 13, her father killed her mother right in front of her. He was arrested for child abuse when she was 14. Nobody knew about the murder of her mother. He made it look like a suicide, and everyone believed it. He was imprisoned for 5 years and Dessi went into a foster care until she met her boyfriend Travis, and moved in with him. Not long after that, she discovered he was her worst nightmare. Once she escapes she meets five of the most famous in the world. Will they be able to help her?
(Recommended age: 14+)


1. My Daily Morning Terror

-Dessi’s POV-

“Get the fuck up!” I hear Travis yell violently. “This is the second time in a row! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“W-What..?” I stutter as I kick off the covers of my sleeping bag suddenly remembering everything. I freeze.

“What? WHAT??!!” He screams. “What do you mean what?! This is the second time I wake up without breakfast and my dirty clothes are on the fucking floor! There are dirty dishes in the sink, and look at this mess!!!!”

I look around at my tiny, bed less, room. “B-But… Nothings different…” I say quietly, looking at my feet. They were small and had dirt on the bottom, green nail varnish chipping off my toe nails. I hadn’t painted them in forever, but the polish was still going strong.

“You bitch! You see nothing different?!” He yells. “You know what… Get out.” He points at the door of my white, empty room.

I look up at him confused. I have nowhere else to go, I only have two sets of clothes. And he’s never let me out of house before, ever. “Oh… Uh, okay..” I manage to say. I carefully get up and grab a duffel bag as I watch him out of the corner of my eye.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” He lunges out at me like a snake about to inject fatal venom into my frail body. He hits me in the stomach with such force that I fall over and land two feet from where I was standing. “You stupid bitch! You think you're going to leave?” He chuckles darkly. “You wouldn’t survive a day out there! You haven’t been exposed to media of any kind for four years! You have no idea what’s going on… Get up!"

I struggle to get up after once again I was hit to the slightly blood-stained floor. “GET THE FUCK UP!” He yelled again. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I knew something was wrong. My ankle was sprained. I knew he wouldn’t care so I stood up anyways.

“Aw.. Did the poor little slut hurt her ankle? WELL TOO FUCKING BAD!" He screamed at me. “Go to the basement. NOW! I will meet you down there in five minutes.” He grinned evilly and walked out.

My eyes got huge. The basement? The rat-infested, cold, damp basement? Why was I going there? The only time I ever when down there was the day right before Travis when crazy.

-Flashback, Dessi’s POV-

“Hey Travie… baby..?” I called. “Yes Dessi?” He cooed. “Where is your laundry room? I have some clothes to wash.” I asked. “Oh babe I can get that, don’t worry.” He replied. “No, they're my clothes, I can handle it.” “Okay fine, go down the stairs, down the hallway, then on the right.” He said back.

I skipped down the stairs, walked down the hallway. There were two doors on the right side, so I figured I’ll try the first door. I slowly open the door, then closed it as fast as I could. I almost vomited at the horrible odor. I never smelt anything worse than that. “Oh my god..” I whispered to myself. I knew the smell. The same smell of my old house. When I lived with my father… Rotting flesh.

-End of flashback-

-Dessi’s POV-

And when I asked him what was in that room, he freaked out. That’s when he started going crazy. I'm still in shock from that day. I never saw what was in that room, but I sure smelt it. And when he told me to go to the basement, I knew he meant that room. I took a deep breath. No one can help me, I have no one. I never had a real home. I moved in with Travis a little more than four years ago when we met. I fell in love with him, but who wouldn’t? He’s charming, handsome, and is very fit. He was perfect. He was my protector, my hero. He was mine and I was his. But after I discovered the room, he brainwashed me, I was his maid, servant, and slave. Sex slave even… Ever since that day, my life belonged to him. I’m no longer his beloved girlfriend, but now, his ratty slave.

I started walking, well… limping down the stairs. With each unsteady step, my heart beat faster, thinking of the awful and painful things he planned on doing to me. I reached the bottom of the stairs and looked down the hall. I kept walking toward the door but it seemed to be stretching out, away from me. I grasped the knob after what seemed to be forever and turned it slowly, preparing myself. I held my breath, squished my eyes shut, and stepped in.

I flinched at the freezing concrete floor against my bare feet, causing me to gasp. The smell hit me and I looked up, gagging. I saw some kind of an electric saw, and on the wall, I saw endless knives, two whips, a paddle, and a huge collection of silver duct tape. Ha! Typical. I scanned the room to see so many more devices and things that looked like they could crush my bones. In the middle of the room was a blood-stained, wooden chair with chains and ropes hanging over it. I was speechless. I looked at the floor, there were puddles upon puddles of blood. Terror took over me. My “ex” boyfriend is a murderer.. And he was going to murder me.

“Take a seat doll, I reserved it for you.” Travis, my former protector, turned into my worst nightmare. I could feel his breath on my neck and imagine the smirk on his face.

(Author’s note: Yes, I realized the boys (One Direction, if you couldn’t tell) aren’t in this chapter. They WILL be in the next chapter, I promise! ~Reece xoxo)

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