Scary Stories

These are a bunch of scary stories we have written in class time, I hope you like it!


1. Part 1 of ALLSTARS 1

Niall's POV

It was halloween in London. Harry wanted a Huanted house,Loui wanted to carve a pumpkin and I wanted to go  trick or treating. Liam hated haloween, not just because he doesn't like pumpkin, because its an american celebration.

"Hey, where are all the lollies that we were gonna put out for halloween" I shouted from the kitchen.

'I dunno" Louis shouted from upstairs. There was a sudden thump from the cupboard. hah, good one Louis. I opened the supboard and Harry popped up and scared the mjiggers out of me.

My freinds Katie, Grace and Piper were going  trick or treating I picked up Katie and Grace and went to Pipers house. i knocked on the door. No-one answered. They must have had plans.

Graces POV

Nial picked me and Katie up but Piper must have had plans. Well, we think so. Thingo what-his-name Niall, Katie and I went Trick or Treating. 

By the time we got to the last house on my street I swore I heard Pipers voice.

"Help me"in just more than a whisper, then I  heard her scream.

Katie's POV

A sound emerged from inside, I slowly walked into the shadows behind me. It was prickly and now blood was dripping from my arm. Great.

"Guys, wait up" I heard Loui say from a distance.

Niall's POV

"Loui!" I said excitedly.

"AAAAAAH!" I heard somebody scream. Piper ran out of the old house wich kind of looked like a castle, but thats not the point. I turned around to see Grace on the floor.

Katie's POV

"Are you sure your okay?" I hugged Piper.

"Yeah" she breathed into my ear. I noticed Grace was crowded by my freinds. I ran over to see gallons of blood flowing from her arm.

Zayne's POV

I took my vampire coat off to cover the blood but she was gone. I was devastated. Niall, Katie, Piper and I went searching for the killer. there was was a sudden rustle from the bushes, I got scared. I cold see Piper  or maybe it was just because the killer was so sneaky. It killed Grace just when we turned around. It was 10 to 12 and we were really tired.


As you can probably guess, the story is set in London. What you might not know is that ITS SATURDAY! I know I said I would update on Tuesday but hey, I was allowed to take OUR books home. Grace started with the idea, so we trashed her writing book trying to finish it. This is a Scary/1D Fan Fic soooo.... Yea. Please Favorite Like if you want umm what else? Oh yeah and the  next chapter will be the start of another story! 


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