He will Protect Me

Arexa had a normal life with normal parents but when she gets a text that say's something not so normal from her father in law she soon find's out that her mother had died in the hospital her mother had cancer her father in law does something nasty she was foreced to do ANYTHING her dad said she want to escape so badly!!! Will she get out of 'The Nightmare House'? Read and find out


2. Accedent

Just as i was about to take my shirt off he ran out of the room 

i was laughing so hard

i liked louis, i never had a boyfriend before

louis had a shower 

i thought he was done changing.....

but he wasnt

he was naked 

i almost screamed 

louis mom was out of town

I had a shower louis still wasnt dressed so i just went in the room and while i was looking for clothes 

louis picked me up as i was a toddler

he kissed my cheek 

he then kissed my lips he placed me onto the bed we where both naked 

he was laying beside me 

he started to talk .. then we started to kiss 

we took off our towels 

we got under the covers and i  was on top of him 

we where kissing for a while then we heard a knock 

Louis put clothes on then he opened the door

i went and looked it was a boy with bushy hair

Louis said Harry this is Arexa

harry said WOW arexa is a nice name! 


i said to louis quietly'' r u guys dating'' 

no louis said

let all go in the fire room louis said


hello pretty i said to arexa 

she cuddled up wiith me 

*2 months later*

i had asked her out so we have been dating for one month now 

The rest of the boys saw her and they said wow pretty :)

Liam and Char 

Arexa and I played sin the bottle 

Niall came home with Sydney

Niall asked if Sydney and him could play  

they did

Zayn and Harry came back

Zayn with clover

Harry with chloe

we all played spin the bottle 

it landed on me and Arexa 

we had to french kiss for 1 minuet

1 minuet passed 

2 minuets passed 

Zayn said ok lets give these love birds some space 

but we stopped then we played truth or dare 

me and Arexa picked dare

we had to make plans for the night ;)


we all went to bed but not me and Louis we had PLANS :)

we stayed up half the night 

having action 

The next day we heared a knock at the door 

is was Fird


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