He will Protect Me

Arexa had a normal life with normal parents but when she gets a text that say's something not so normal from her father in law she soon find's out that her mother had died in the hospital her mother had cancer her father in law does something nasty she was foreced to do ANYTHING her dad said she want to escape so badly!!! Will she get out of 'The Nightmare House'? Read and find out


1. Escape

AREXA'S  POV              

I got a text from my father in law it said ''Come to the hospital NOW''

she went to the hospital to find her mother dead...

*1 Year after*

My father in laws name is FRID

Frid called me in his room he had a knife in his hand and a gun in the other he said ''Get on the bed and take your clothes off'' i said ''what'' he said you heard me Or i will shoot you.. You did as he said 

The door bell rang it gave her some time to go in her room and put clothes on then jump out the window she ran till someone stopped her..

She said hi umm 

The boy said my name is louis what is yours 

i said Arexa 

he said WOW that is a very pretty name 

i said thanks 

he said lets go to my place

i said um 

he said have you ever heard of a band called 'One Direction'

i replyed and said yes 

he said im louis form one direction

you said WOW ok lets go to your place

it was Dec 23 

his mom said hi to me and she was very nice 

she said who is this young woman 

i said my name is AREXA

wow nice name 

i said thanks 

well louis brought me to his room 

it was raining outside 

i was all wet..

louis brought me some clothes 


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