Silver Keys

This is a Cinderella story about two girls who are just like cinderellas. But, these girls don't know eachother. Read to find out the rest. Because I do not want to ruin the whole story!


1. Caitlin's life

Caitlin's POV

Well my life basically S-U-C-K-S SUCKS! So my dad died before I was born and my mom didn't want me. So I went to an adoption center. Sara (Adoption mom) She got me so I could do all of the chores. I go to Tong High School. Yea that's where Zayn used to go before he was all famous. I blaintly don't like One Direction. But, my sisters L-O-V-E LOVE One Direction. My sister Amanda is ugly and evil. (If any Amanda's are reading this I love you!) My other sister is named Julie she is beautiful on the inside and out! But, my brother.. Don't get me started with him! All I am gonna say is he is 9 and his name is David.

At that time I thought that my life would never change. But, it did drastically. My life became a Cinderella story....

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