Hit and Run

When a girl loses her memory and runs into One Direction, she falls madly in love with one of them. They think she only likes them because she's a fan, but then find out she doesn't know they're famous. Read more to find out the surprise ending!!


3. Chapter 3

He looked at the screen and looked up at me.
"Gotta take this. Shh!" .....
"Hello? Hey Hazza." ...... "I um, got a bit side tracked." ...... "No, I won't be able to make it." ...... "There was an accident! What am I supposed to do?" ...... "Well, I can't make it Harry! I'm sorry." ...... "No. I'm not telling you where I am! Loo- Look Harry, I'll take to you later. Bye!" He quickly hangs up the phone. 

"Is um everything OK?" I asked, nervously. 
"Yeah just late for soun... uhh work."
"Oh. Where do you work? Are you going to get fired?"
"Oh, no, don't worry. The guys at... the office can't necessarily fire me. I'm... top dog!!"

"Really?" I asked shocked.
"Oh yeah!! Come on! I wanna show you something."

Minutes later, we were at the finest hotel in NYC.

"You have the penthouse suite?" I remarked.
"Yeah, but can I show you my favorite part?"
"Okay, and that is?"

He led me down the hall and flipped the switch on.
"The bedroom." He said cheekily.

I bit my lip. I just met this guy... Was he really insisting that....

He pulled my waist onto his once more. He gave me this look, this really, sexy look. Then he kissed me again.


"Mmmm." I groaned. I didn't remember my bed being this comfortable in my apartment. I opened my eyes. This... isn't my room. There was an arm around me and a body caressing my back side. I untangled myself and removed the covers. To find myself naked. Oh my god! My parents are going to kill me! I jumped up and grabbed a robe from the back of the door and put it on. I grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor and pulled a phone from the pocket. It wasn't mine. Then I grabbed the other pair of jeans from the floor and pulled the phone from that pocket. My phone. Good. I was walking out of the bedroom when I stepped on something. I looked down. Oh no......
It was a condom... A used condom. 
Well, there's a plus and a minus to this...

I decided to take a shower since I felt so disgusting. I found the bathroom. It was huge! It had a ginormous glass shower that alone could fit 10 people and some chairs. I felt anxious to get in. All I was used to was the shower at home... Wherever that was. The water was perfect temperature and the shampoo and stuff smelled amazing, not to mention it was full sized, not mini.
Suddenly as I was washing my face, the door swung open. Oh god! Luckily the doors were fogged up to my chest, but still.
"Love, are you in here?" Louis called.
"Yeah, I'm here." I said embarrassed. 
"How's your head?"
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll go get breakfast, okay?"
"Okay." and with that, he shut the door.

Who just barges in like that? After my shower, I slowly walked through the cold bedroom, expecting to see some reminiscence from last night. A night I don't even remember...

Everything was picked up... Too bad for me. I was clueless as to where my clothes were, though. I didn't exactly want to wear the same clothes in two days. So, in my towel, I waddled down the hall to find Louis.

"Lou!?" I called down the hall. No answer.

"Potatoes!" Someone screamed.
"Come on Louis! I just want my clothes!"

"Woah woah woah. What?" The Irish voice yelled back. That wasn't Louis....
"Just... can you tell me where Louis is?" I asked, now embarrassed. 
"He left. Does he have your clothes?" He must have been one of Louis' friends.
"Yes." I said.

I can now finally see this boy. He had beautiful blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. He walked into Louis' room with me and reached under the bed to pull out a bag. He dug through it and started pulling out clothes. 

"Here." He said handing me a blue and white striped shirt, and blue skinny jeans to match. They're not mine.

"They were Eleanor's. Hopefully they fit."
"Thanks... Uhh..." 
"You don't know who I am?"
"No. My memories shot. I hit my head."
"So that's what the mark is from. I thought you rocked the bed too hard." He laughed and I punched him in the arm. Hard.

"OW!" He whimpered.
"So what's your name blondie?"
"Like. The river?"
"Close, just spelled N-I-A-L-L. And you?"
"I think it's Amanda, but I'm not positive."
He then left the room to let me get dressed. The clothes he gave me fit perfectly... Odd.

I slowly walked until I found the kitchen. Niall was sitting at the counter now wearing a baseball cap, playing the guitar. The tune sounded really familiar to me. 

He started singing:

Back in my head we were kissing,

I thought things were going alright.

With a sign on my back saying 'Kick Me',

Reality ruined my life.


"Hey! I know that song!" I recalled. 
"Yeah? I Would."
"Why did you write it?"
"You said 'I would'. Like you would know the song. 
"No. That's the name of it."
"Oh, really?"
"No. It's called Irish Potatoes."
"Ohh I see."
"Not really!!!" He started to laugh.
I sat down next to him. 
"So where did Louis say he was going?"
"What? Wanna rock the bed some more?"
" NO! I just got these clothes. I don't wanna lose them so soon!"

He started to laugh again.
"You know, I like you." He said. 
"You're not so bad yourself." I told him.

"Niall!? Why do I hear voices? Did someone break in?" A voice from down the hall screamed.
"No, Louis brought her here." Another boy walked into the kitchen. He was naked.
"Oh my god! I've seen enough naked men lately!" I yelled covering my eyes. 
"You get used to it." Niall shrugged. 

"Come on Harry! You could at least put on some boxers before you come into the kitchen! We have a guest!" Another boy called. 
"How many people are here exactly?" I asked, confused. 
"7 including you. No. 6. Paul has a different suite." Niall said.
"Who's she?" The complaining voice asked. 
"Can I uncover my eyes now?" I asked.
"Yes, Amanda, you can" Niall told me.

The naked boy was gone, and a different boy was standing there.

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