Hit and Run

When a girl loses her memory and runs into One Direction, she falls madly in love with one of them. They think she only likes them because she's a fan, but then find out she doesn't know they're famous. Read more to find out the surprise ending!!


2. Chapter 2

Next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground with a pounding headache.
"Ahh. Oww." I groaned
"Oh my god! Are you okay?" A boy with a gorgeous British accent knelt down next to me. I slowly opened my eyes as black circles dotted the sky. Once he came into view, he was very cute. He seemed awfully familiar, also.
"Yeah, I think I'm okay." I sat up a little bit, until a surging pain flew to my head. I brought my hands up to meet it.
"Oww!" I moaned. The boy moved my hand.
"Ah. Ouch... You've got quite the mark there, love. I'm so sorry!! If there's anything--"
"It's alright. It was an accident."
He gave me a confused look. "Don't you know who I am?"
"You seem kind of familiar. I think my memories a bit shot from the hit. Why?"
"Um nevermind." He helped me up. "Why don't I take you around, and help you until you remember. Okay?" He took my hand into his.
I smiled."That sounds really nice!"
He smiled back. "Cool!"

He then took me to a small cafe somewhere near where I got hit. He bought me a hot chocolate and  chocolate chip muffin, and we sat in a booth near the windows.
"So, love" He stared at me with his perfect eyes. "What was making you run so fast back there?"
"I'm I'm not so sure. I think someone or something was chasing me." I responded confused because I couldn't honestly remember.
"Chased?" He took a bite of his bagel.
"Yeah. I I don't remember where I was going, though. Or why they were chasing me."
I reached down my shirt and pulled out my diamond necklace that my grandmother had given me. "Maybe for this?"

"Hey, can I see that?" He stood up and leaned across the table. He came very close to me. He smelled like pine trees and apple pie.
"It's beautiful!" He looked up and our eyes locked. An illusion came in tact. It seemed as though his eyes were melting. "Almost as beautiful as you!" I smile, blush, and look at the ground awkwardly. No one had ever called me beautiful before. It felt nice.

"I'm Amanda by the way."
"I'm Louis." He said leaning in. His lips met mine and we fell into a passionate kiss. His lips cascading over mine. He brought his hand to my neck and my arms then soon found their way around his. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling the kiss in deeper. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he broke the kiss.

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