Hit and Run

When a girl loses her memory and runs into One Direction, she falls madly in love with one of them. They think she only likes them because she's a fan, but then find out she doesn't know they're famous. Read more to find out the surprise ending!!


1. Chapter 1

Amandas' P.O.V.

The snow falls gently to the ground as it's becoming late on the 16th of January. I decided to go on a a walk by my friend's apartment in New York City, since there weren't many sidewalks by my apartment. I was upset, because the tickets for One Direction in Madison Square Garden sold out before I even got to them, so I decided to take a walk to clear my head.
I decided to cut through Battery Park. Maybe there would be a vendor with hot chocolate or coffee. I scanned the park, grazing over the small vendor menus for hot cocoa or coffee. None of them had it. Grr!!
I brushed the snow off of one of the benches so I could sit. I was probably there for a whole two minutes before a white, rusty old van pulled up and opened the side door
"Get in." The ugly, fat man sternly said.
"What? No." I yelled, finally standing up.
He reached into his pocket, pulling out a gun and pointing it straight at me.
"Get. In. Now."
I didn't know what to do at first, but then I started running without even thinking about where I was going. I knew then that him and his gang were chasing me. I had to get away before someone got hurt. 
I slipped down an alley way down next to Nando's. I leaped over boxes, a few trash cans and the dumpster. There's no way they could have followed me. Then I looked back just to make sure. Bad mistake.


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