Still The One

Harry and Daisy were unbreakable. Well that's what Daisy thought anyway. Once Harry auditioned for the X Factor he never talked to her again. She say storys about him in the magazines with random girls, and she hated it. She felt forgotton, and alone, and most of all broken
As for Harry he still loves her, and when they meet again for the first time in two years things get complicated.
How far will Harry go to tell Daisy that She's still the one?
Read and find out!
This is my first Movella so I hope you like it!


27. First Day Part 1

Harry's POV~

"So where are we going?"  Daisy asks me while we're in the car, driving to my secret location.  I was taking her somewhere special today.  This is the first day I get to be with her and I want to take her somewhere beautiful.  But she hates surprises.  And it's really hard to keep from her.

"It's a surprise Daisy."  I smirk, looking over at her.  She has a blind-fold over her eyes and she looks over at me and pouts.

"Please tell me!  You know I hate surprises!"  She mumbles, looking away from me.  I laugh and keep my eyes on the road.  I made sure she dressed the right way for this.  She's wearing a flowerly sundress, and sandles, and her hair is pin straight.  She's beautiful.  After a few more minutes we arrive at the place where I'm taking her.  I get out of the car and walk over to her side to help her out. 

"Ok love.  Take off your blindfold."  I whisper in her ear.  She nods and slowly unties it.  Once it's off her eyes get wide and she gasps.  I smile and look around at where we are.  I took her to a lake, and in the distance there's a little island.  We'll take take a boat over and have a picnic lunch over there.

"Harry!  It's beautiful!!  How-How did you find this?"  She says, turning to me, mouth wide open.

"The lads and I went here once.  And it reminded me of you, so I thought that one day I should bring you here.  And that day is today." I respond, taking her hand in mine and looking out onto the lake.

"See that little island over there?"  I ask, pointing to it with my free hand.

"Yeah.  Why?"  She asks.

"Come on, I'll show you."  I say, leading her over to the boat.

"No way!!  Are we going to paddle over there?"  She says, jumping excitedly. 

"Yup!  I'll  help you in you babe."  I say, stepping into the boat.  Once I get in a reach out my hand and help her in.  When she's all good and ready I push the boat into the lake, and we begin to paddle.

"I can't believe that in a little then a year we're going to be parents."  She says softly, paddling along and matching my strokes.

"That's all I've been thinking about lately.  That and you."  I respond, looking at her. 

"Are you sure we're ready for this?  I mean with your career your going to be gone a lot.  And I might end up raising this baby alone."  She says.

"I'm going to try to be here as much as I can.  Believe me I will.  But with my managment I don't know how much that will be."  I sigh.

"I know.  Lets focuse on that when the time comes.  I don't want to keep thinking about it."  She says.

The rest of the boat trip was silent, but a peacful one.  Once we got to the island Daisy squealed as she looked around.  It was a flowery meadow.  She'd always wanted to go to one, but she never knew where to look.  Now she won't have too.  I smile and help her out of the boat.  Let's hope this all goes according to plan.

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