Still The One

Harry and Daisy were unbreakable. Well that's what Daisy thought anyway. Once Harry auditioned for the X Factor he never talked to her again. She say storys about him in the magazines with random girls, and she hated it. She felt forgotton, and alone, and most of all broken
As for Harry he still loves her, and when they meet again for the first time in two years things get complicated.
How far will Harry go to tell Daisy that She's still the one?
Read and find out!
This is my first Movella so I hope you like it!


25. Excitment

Harry's POV~

Today Daisy got her scan and I'm excited for the results.  I want to know that my baby is healthy and well.  Watching TV doesn't really help me contain my excitment thought.  I sigh and look over at Liam who, by the looks of it, was fasinated by the TV show.  And it as dance moms... wow. 

"Liam why are you even watching this?"  I question, raising an eyebrow.

"I really have no idea."  Liam says, laughing a little.

I laugh but stop once I hear my laptop ringing.  I get up and fly over to grab my laptop and accept the call. 

"Hey baby!  How was the scan?"  I ask as soon as her face pops onto the screen.

"Well hi to you too!  And everything went fine!  They had to put this gell stuff on me and it felt weird... but I got a picture.  Would you like to see it?"  She asks, the smile never leaving her face. 

"Of course!  Show me right now!"  I softly scream, earning a giggle from Daisy. 

"Ok... here's our child."  She smiles, holding the paper so I can see our child.  She circled it so it would be earier for me to see.  It's so small!  I can't believe that in eight months I'll be holding our little girl.  Yeah I still think that... I just can't shake that.

"Wow... That's our baby."  Is all I can say.  But I mean it in a nice way.

"I love the way that sounds.  Our baby."  She says, smirking at me. 

"I do too."  I respond.

"HARRY WE HAVE TO GO!!!."  Niall screams.

I forgot all about our show tonight... dang it. 

"Hey babe I got to go.  I love you babe."  I say, she looks sad but she nods.  I wave and end the call.  Wishing  I could stay on with her forever.

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