Still The One

Harry and Daisy were unbreakable. Well that's what Daisy thought anyway. Once Harry auditioned for the X Factor he never talked to her again. She say storys about him in the magazines with random girls, and she hated it. She felt forgotton, and alone, and most of all broken
As for Harry he still loves her, and when they meet again for the first time in two years things get complicated.
How far will Harry go to tell Daisy that She's still the one?
Read and find out!
This is my first Movella so I hope you like it!


14. Don't tell Harry

Zayn's POV~

I haven't seen Daisy since the day Harry brought her to meet us, so I decide to visit her.  Harry said she always answers her door, so I walk down the hall and knock loudly on her door.  I wait a few minutes, but still no answer.  What the hell?  Then I get an idea.  Maybe her door isn't locked!  I grab the door knob and twist it slowly, and to my surprise the door is unlocked!  I step inside and close it behind me.  Taking a loo around her place, I try to guess where she might be. 

"Daisy?  Are you here?"  I shout into the quiet apartment.  No answer.  I walk into the kitchen, and look around.  Only to realize that she isn't in there.  I do the same for living room, and still no Daisy.  Maybe she went out and forgot to lock her door.  As I'm about to leave, I hear a loud crash.  I panic and follow the echo of the sound.   I stop outside of the bathroom door, contemplating if I should go in there.  But I decide that I should, and I slowly open the door and gasp at what I find. 

Daisy is laying on the ground, blood dripping from her wrist onto the floor.  Oh god!  She didn't!  I run over and quickly kneel beside her.

"Daisy!  What happened?  Can you hear me?"  I ask panic clear in my voice.  Her eyelids flutter open slowly, and she looks at me before muttering something that I don't understand.  I slowly and carfully, avoiding her bleeding wrist, lift her up and carry her into the bedroom and lay her on her bed.  As I lay her down  I catch a quick glimpse of her wrist.  It has three long jagged cuts on it.  Why would she do this to herself?

I walk back into the bathroom and look for something that I can wrap her wrist up in.  After about two minutes of searching I find some white cloth.  Good enough.  I walk into the bedroom and sit next to her on the bed.  I slowly lift her wrist and wrap a strip of the cloth around it. 

'Daisy please tell me what happened.  Why did you do this?"  I ask after a few minutes of silence.  I had to know, and I had to tell Harry.  He had to know.

After a moment of silence she softly says, "Twitter."  I knew it.  It's what they were saying.  I quickly grab my phone and go on twitter, and it's hate message after hate message about her.  I still don't understand why people do this.  I don't think they know how much their words hurt. 

"Zayn please don't get involved.  It'll only make it worse, for you and for me.  Just please."  Daisy whispers,  I can her the begging in her voice.  But I had to get involved. I couldn't just sit here and not do anything.  That's not me.

"If I don't do anything who will?  They need to know that they've taken it to far Daisy!  Look at what you've done to yourself Daisy.  That's not ok."  I say, gently stroking her hair.  She looks down and fiddles with her hands that are resting in her lap.  I sign and type my tweet, read it over, and send it.  It reads: Words hurt.  Think before you put it out there for the world to here.

"I'm sorry."  Is all she says.  And I exept it, but Harry is a whole different story. 

"It's ok beautiful.  We all make mistakes, I don't blame you.  I blame them."  I say truthfully.  I don't blame them all of course.  I know not everyone said something rude, but most of them did.  And it's hurts.  I've been there.

"We have to tell Harry."  I whisper, looking up at her.

"No!  We can't tell him!  Please don't tell him Zayn!"  She says, worry in her eyes.

"He'll find out by himself if we don't, and that will make it worse.  If he sees it without you saying anything, he'll be mad at you for not telling him." I say.  And Harry will be mad.  I wasn't joking at all.

"He'll hate me."  Is all she whispered. 

"No he won't!  He'll want to help you!"  I say, raising my voice slightly.  I get up off the bed and walk over to the bedroom door, turn around, and say, "I'm leaving.  It's getting late.  Night Daisy." 

"Don't tell Harry!  I mean it Zayn."  She says

"No promises babe."  And with that I leave.  What I'm about to do is the right thing.  Harry has a right to know.  Daisy might not realize it now, but it's for her own good.

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