Still The One

Harry and Daisy were unbreakable. Well that's what Daisy thought anyway. Once Harry auditioned for the X Factor he never talked to her again. She say storys about him in the magazines with random girls, and she hated it. She felt forgotton, and alone, and most of all broken
As for Harry he still loves her, and when they meet again for the first time in two years things get complicated.
How far will Harry go to tell Daisy that She's still the one?
Read and find out!
This is my first Movella so I hope you like it!



Hey guys!  Thanks for reading my story, and giving all the nice feedback!  And now I'm giving you guys a chance to be put into the story!  So basically I'm giving four of you a chance to be one of the other boy's girlfriends.  So if you are interested just leave your name and either Liam, Niall, Zayn, or Louis.  I will pick one person to be each of their girlfriends, and you will be making some apearences throughout the story!  So four of you guys will get picked, I hope I see some names ;) 

Thanks for all the support!

~Emma <3

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