Ok so i used to draw these comics about a girl who was easily distracted and a squirrel who constantly saved her life from a masked guy who wants to kill her. Now I suck really bad at drawing so these people and squirrel dont have mouths and neither did my art projects. (thats how i came up with the title) Im only writing these because TB said i dont have enough stuff on my movellas, so i decided to write the UNSPOKEN comics in journal entry form from Wanted's point of view.


11. Talking squirrels, flying pigs, and log lost secrets

The next thing I knew I was laying in a bed with a wet rag dripping into my eyes. I lifted it off of my head and the little piglet climbed on to my bed. He stuck his head under my arm and I scratched under his chin. He started to grunt and wag his curly pink tail. Then I got up and walked toward the door, I could smell something cooking, but I wasn't sure what it was. I walked down stairs and let my nose guide me to the smell. I heard someone scream then I remembered that Sparky was the only one who could talk. I saw Mask Man holding Sparky by his tail over the frying pan. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He squealed. Then I heard Mak Man  send a thought to him.

If you ever try and do anything like that again I won't hesitate before I cook you...and that's a promise.

I ran right up and snatched Sparky right out of his hands. Sparky may be a freak of nature, but he was the closest thing I had to a friend. Then Mask Man turned around to face me and I got all dizzy again. It was like looking at myself. He and I had the same nose, same raised cheek-bones, and the same crease between or eyes we got when we are thinking. Mask Man was my brother. He shrugged his shoulders in the 'what did I do sort of way.' I gave him one of my death glares and he started to kneel on the floor while he clutched his throught. I quickly relaxed my face and knelt beside him. His nose flared as he gasped for air. Then he thought to me, You're stronger that you think. Are you ready for your first magic lesson? I got up and helped him up all while giving him a confused look. You have the powers, now you have to learn to use them. Follow me. As much as I knew I was going to regret it, I followed him into a room that looked like an office. There was a desk with a computer and a file cabinet in the corner. It was a real mess though, there was paper and garbage everywhere. There was one thing out of place though. The red velvet fabric on the floor. It was about a foot in length on all sides. I clapped three times and Sparky came into the room. Then he sat down beside me and scratched his ear so innocently.

Do you remember how to do this?

Do what?

Just close your eyes and picture where you want to go. Then you jump.

Where do I want to go?

Ok, I forgot you forgot everything. Just picture a big hole in the floor and when I think "jump" you jump. Whatever you do don't open your eyes.

Wait you mean jump on the mini curtain thing?


Ok. Then I closed my eyes and pictured a hole in the floor. After what felt like forever, I finally saw a small black and purple dot appeared behind my eyelids then it got bigger and bigger.

One...Two...Three... Then I jumped into the hole and I was falling. Well I wasn't actually falling, it was more like I was being pulled. I struggled for a second, then my arms and legs turned lifeless and I couldn't breathe. It was like I was a ragdoll being tossed by a happy child.

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