Ok so i used to draw these comics about a girl who was easily distracted and a squirrel who constantly saved her life from a masked guy who wants to kill her. Now I suck really bad at drawing so these people and squirrel dont have mouths and neither did my art projects. (thats how i came up with the title) Im only writing these because TB said i dont have enough stuff on my movellas, so i decided to write the UNSPOKEN comics in journal entry form from Wanted's point of view.


8. Sparked Memories

      It felt like static electricity was running through my veins. I can't believe I have a name. I kept on repeating it over and over in my head. I was somebody! Then the memories started running through my mind. I remembered having a home, sleeping in a bed, my dad taking me to the park. It was all coming back to me somehow. There was still something I needed to know though, that I couldn't remember. Why did my parents leave me. I still wanted answers. I was so caught up in my thinking, that I hadn't noticed Sparky eating my pack. I lifted him out, but he was very persistent and bit me.( The pack had only one pouch that was lined with waterproof material, which now had a gaping hole in it.) I didn't understand, he never did anything like this before. He got out of my grip and dissapeared into the hole. I was about to reach in and grab him, but he came back out with something in his teeth. It was a photo. In the photo was a family smiling, with their eyes, by a christmas tree, and I was in it. I looked to be about 6 years old and I was standing in front of my dad, whose eyes looked identical to mine. Next to him was a lady with reddish-brown hair. The same color mine was before I dyed it. She had brown eyes that were so dark, they were almost black. They were the same color as the boy's eyes, who was standing in front of her. He looked to be around 12. There was also a baby in the picture who was wrapped in a blanket, held by my mother. I couldn't tell if the baby was a boy or girl because it was in christmas colors. I also didn't remember that I ever had siblings. I tried to think really hard and stared into the picture, as if the answers would come and smack me in the face. It turns out I couldn't remember anything. I decided to go to the park where my dad took me, since that was the only clear thought in my mind.

     Once I got there I placed my pack high in a tree. It was completely hidden in the brightly colored leaves. I walked over to the swingset and started pumping my legs to get it moving. I thought hard about my family, but couldn't get a clear picture. There were so many things that didn't add up. Then my mind suddenly wandered off and I started to think about how someone accused me of witchcraft. I was so mad and fustrated that I just wanted to.....CRASH!!! Suddenly a lightening bolt flew down and hit a tree. I saw moms pull their children off the slides and rope ladders as they were mezmerized by the glowing flame. I just sat there and watched as the tree continued to flame. I felt bad about watching the living tree die. Then it stopped, the fire just stopped altogether. It wasn't even raining outside, it was still sunny. But then again that wasn't the strangest part of my day...

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