Ok so i used to draw these comics about a girl who was easily distracted and a squirrel who constantly saved her life from a masked guy who wants to kill her. Now I suck really bad at drawing so these people and squirrel dont have mouths and neither did my art projects. (thats how i came up with the title) Im only writing these because TB said i dont have enough stuff on my movellas, so i decided to write the UNSPOKEN comics in journal entry form from Wanted's point of view.


3. Hammertime

Today is the start of a new day,  I thught as I rubbed my crusty eyes. Sparky was still asleep, so I decided to listen to the beat up radio that fell off a van. As I was listening to Taylor Swift's song about one of her many breaking ups a report came on. It was wierd though, we usually don't have any announcements, which means this is urgent. Our reporters have to pay alot of money to have other reporters (who can actually talk) report thier stories. Anyway I turned up the volume and listened intently. "Just yesterday a criminal was spotted at the art museum." Must be talking about Mask Man, I thought. "She was seen with a pet squirrel. If any of you see a girl, who is suspected to be 13 and has untamed reddish-brown hair with side bangs and jade eyes..." Me, I thought. The description matched me perfectly. Things were now 10x more harrowing now that my features were publicized. I won't be able to go anywhere without people noticing me. The life of a celebrity. The reporter continued. "...please ascort her to the police and you will be given a huge reward. Be careful though because she is wanted for crimes such as..." I saw Sparky gnawing on an atenna. I wiggled my finger and shoved him off the radio. When I regained connection another song had started. Shoot, I thought. I wish I could have heard what I did wrong. Maybe then I could have fixed it and made things right. Why did they say I was dangerous, though? I never hurt anyone. Except Mask Man, but he deserved it. I grabbed my torn grey hoodie and backpack then crawled through the hole to the outside world. Ahh, nothing like the smell of alley garbage in the morning. Sparky followed and we made our way over to the park. We climbed up our favorite tree and plotted our attack strategies in case you-know-who showed up. I knew he would, because Sparky was twitching like crazy. Something he always did when danger was near. I looked around and all seemed peaceful, but I couldn't help the feeling that we were being watched. Sparky and I were high up away from most dangers, so I tried to pet him and calm him down. He squeaked and hurried up the over sized trunk of our Oak tree. Then I heard it a noise up on one of he higher branches, it was a strange whirring sound. Then there were clicks and more whirring. I started to climb up higher in the tree. Although it was difficult with the backpack. The whirring seemed to come from an acorn. Wierd.  Then he tried to gnaw at it and I heard the cling of metal and another click. Spy cam, I thought. Easy fix. I reached into my bag and pulled out a hammer. My weapon of choice. I shooed Sparky off the branch an took a full powered swing to the sneaky device. It cracked easily, but I kept hitting it becuase it made me feel better. Then I remembered something, just because the camera was destroyed doesn't mean the pictures aren't. Mask Man is a moron, but he isn't stupid. He was probably controlling the camera from his evil lair/his mom's basement. Problem is I have no idea where he's hiding. If I don't it who know what he plans on doing with those pistures.

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