Ok so i used to draw these comics about a girl who was easily distracted and a squirrel who constantly saved her life from a masked guy who wants to kill her. Now I suck really bad at drawing so these people and squirrel dont have mouths and neither did my art projects. (thats how i came up with the title) Im only writing these because TB said i dont have enough stuff on my movellas, so i decided to write the UNSPOKEN comics in journal entry form from Wanted's point of view.


18. Baelfire 2

Author's Note: Yes this is another chapter from Baelfire's prospective, but the story would not be complete without it. Just so you know this takes place during when Reitanna first gets to Vaughn's house. So some slight backtracking. Enjoy.

I lay in the abondened alley waiting for Nakita's breath to steady. We had found a nice little hiding spot next to a matress store, it even had a heater.  Luckily enough there were matresses that were thrown away, so they made for an acceptable bed. There were just some loose springs, but other than that they were fine. I made my way back to the hospital. A place where nightmares were made. Once I approached the front door I realized they upped the security. Has that camera always been there, I thought. I quickly thought up a fog spell and dark grey clouds of smoke formed at my fingertips. I climbed up the front steps and blew the smoke so the lens was blocked. Next step was the keypad. I took the swiss army knife out of my jeen pocket and flipped it open. I used it to undo the screws and then yanked out all the wires. There was a sound like sparklers and a faint whirring as the system died. After I quickly picked the lock with the knife, the door opened with a loud squeak. There was no one at the front desk, so I easily made my way to the cells. The building consisted of a first floor and a basement for storage. I made my way past the green cells. Green cells are for kids with very little trouble and get released within a few days. Yellow cells were for kids who stayed for months, even years, before getting released or brought to a worser fate. My old cell was in the reds. The red cells have no windows or furniture and you are isolated from all outside contact. Green and yellow cells can talk with eachother, have meals together, and most of them have roomates. You have to do something pretty bad to be in the reds... The name of the person is always on a plaque on their door, but they are interchangeable. I found Katie's door, way deep in the red section, poor kid. I disarmed the keypad and unlocked the door. She was sleeping but woke instantly at the sound. A look of surprise when she saw me. Her eyes were red from crying and she had a cut on her forehead. Thats when I realized she had no use of her arms. They were pulled back in strong metal clips.  I put my hands out in front of me to show I wouldn't hurt her. She looked hopeful to see me, then got scared at the sight of the knife. I put it back in my pocket and sent her a comfort thought. I'm going to get you out of here, I thought.

Okay, she sent back. I trust you. Nakita trained her well. I tried to unfsten the clips but there was very little light. Then a siren sounded and red flashes could be seen from the hallway. I threw Katie over my shoulder and ran toward the front door. No guards showed up though. All the commotion was in the yellow section. My old roomate Jamie was being dragged back into his room by two guards. He struggled with all his might to get away and his eyes widened in pain as one guard tazered him. He was trying to escape, couldn't blame him. I knew I couldn't save them both and I had my top priority, Katie. We ran out the door and I put her down as we both took off running toward my matress fort.

I felt really sorry for Jamie though. He was at that institution for three years. His parents put him in there when he was eight and there was no chance of him getting out any time soon. He would be moved to red tomarrow, poor sap. Apparently his folks stuck him there because he could see ghosts and talk to them. They called it a curse. I knew he could see them, believed him all the way. He even told me of a ghost of a former resident at the hospital. He proved it too. He wrote the alphabet on a piece of paper and put a checker piece on it. Then he asked the ghost their name through his thoughts. Then very slowly the checker piece moved very slowly as it moved from letter to letter. Their name was Kyle R. and he got strangled by his old roomate, who disappeared shortly after. I hope Jamie will be ok. I know Kyle R. will keep him company though.


Some people will say it's a curse. But, believe me, I know curses. That my friend is what we call a gift.

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