The 4 Sisters Of Manhattan

The 4 Sisters of Manhattan, revolves around Brittany Spears, a young teenage girl living in New York. She lives with her Theater-Loving Mother, Darcy, her Drill Sergeant Father, Martin Spears, Her young sweet little sister Mandy, and her cruel deviled sister, Bianca Spears. Brittany and Bianca had NEVER EVER loved each other,With the help of Brittany's Best Friend, Shaylean Crawford, she can do anything. Shaylean has a evil sister, just like Brittany. Her Name is Samara, she enjoys the smell of Newly Bought Shoes at Forever 21. Brittany goes to Westfield High School, home of the Jaguars. Brittany's other friends are Eleanor Calder, who is the Queen of Sass. Danielle Peazer, who is basically a Sporty Chic. She is amazing at almost every sport, except golf where she got hit in the nose and lost her sense of smell at age 9.And Snow White who is a Drama Queen, she is sweet and bubbly.Brittany then gets a chance of a lifetime when she gets to meet a Popular British boy band, One Direction


2. Chapter 2-Hello One Direction


                              7:38 am, Oct 6th, 2010

            Mom was driving swiftly on the concrete road. She passed an old playground i would always play on. I put my hand on the window and slowly dragged it down to my lap. I stared at Bianca, who was listening to her iPod. She was Lip Synching, "Teenage Dream" By Katy Perry. I asked her if that she was scared or nervous about One Direction coming to visit Westfield High School. "Bi-Bia-Bianca" i stuttered. "What do you want, Snug-Face" replied Bianca. I looked at her, my eyes blazed back at hers. She did not know that i was thinking nasty stuff about her."Well, what? Tell me now ya piece of crap" I grew angry, and i punched her in the face. Bianca's nosed turned red, "You freaking idiot, we should like give you away to some Asylum or something" Bianca Snapped. Mom saw the punch i gave to Bianca's Face, she stopped the car and demanded me to get out.That resulted in me being dropped off at Starbucks. Yup Moms in New York are not real "Moms"
                I then saw Shay and Snow White and Samara waiting for their cappuccino. Samara kept on bragging about her slumber party this Saturday. The Party i'm not invited to. I walked up to them and said "Hey Guys" with a cheeky smile. Shay Responded with a abnormal question. "What the Hell are you doing here?". Snow White giggled. "LOL, like totally girl we should like rip her dress or something like from Cinderella. She said with a Sinister Grin. I tried my best not to cuss her out, but her overdose of makeup, and her puffy pink cheeks, and her hair black as ebony, and her lips red as the rose, and the worst part about her, is her skin white as Snow. "Um Britt, you should really go, like now." Shay said with a calm voice. I was Confused, i thought Shay was My friend. My best Friend.
            "Shay! why are you saying that, i thought you were my friend" I Replied. Shay then quickly pointed at the cruelest demonic cheerleader who was summoned from HELL,Samantha Birch. Samantha, the most obnoxious, self centered, dumbest, cruelest, gold digger i have ever seen. She has been bullying me since the fourth grade. Such as pulling my hair, or knocking the lunch of my tray, and a bunch of other crap.  
             Samantha walked up and stared at me like i had a certain deadly disease or something. "Someone call the doctor, got a case of being unpopular from Brittany". She said, insulting me. "Hello Sam, how many boys have you dated this week, 50?" I replied. Samantha just rolled her eyes and replied "Nope, 49 exactly your guess was way off." Samantha tries to be a smart Alec whenever she's around me, she thinks i'm jealous of her. 'Your Just Jealous of my Beauty and Knowledge Britt-Pitt, so you can just go die in a hole." she said."Puh-Lease why would i be jealous of a girl who lays off 50 boys a week, and ends up using them just for their money, and BTW you can go die in hole yourself." i snapped back at her. Shay told me to calm down, but i refused. Samantha maybe the prettiest girl in Westfield High School, but she has an IQ of -20. Frustrated, i dashed of to Westfield, nothing was on my mind, but that stupid Samantha.           
           When i was Crossing the Streets to the high school, Shay was caught up with my speed. She kept on speed walking with me on the cold, wet,concrete sidewalk. I Ignored every single word she asked me. But i felt this pain in my mind telling me to acknowledge Shay, but the evil inside me got the better of me. Shay the gave up, and began crying softly. "I really.....i.....i don't know what to say...Britt......I am the worst friend you've ever had....i know.......". As she continued to cry, i spoke up, "NO! Shay you are the Best Friend i have ever had, what you did to me today is just plain messed up". "Look i said i was sorry, i won't talk to Samantha if you don't want me to". "Naw, it's alright, you can talk to her, just make sure you don't tell her bout my secrets, kay? I said. Shay nodded. We both trolled down to the Westfield High School Property.
            It was Passing Period, i was heading on to 1st period, English 9, Mr Anderson. We did not do English since we had and Assembly. As everyone in the whole school crowded up in the Lincoln Auditorium. Almost every seat was taken, except some in the front, where usually the kids with a disability sit there. I had a friend, his name was Charlie, he had Down-Syndrome. He can barely talk, and he wears the same jacket over, and over, and over again. But there's nothing wrong with that. It's Fine. I sometimes where the same thing over and over again.I sat next to him, we talked about who's visiting us in the Assembly.  I heard screaming sophomores and juniors in the back of the auditorium. Then, a terrible memory popped up, oh i was so glad i forgot about it, but thanks to them, i remembered that One Direction was supposed to visit us today, to stay for a week. Shay sat right next to me. "Hey, are ya scared the my boys are coming?". She said. "No....Yes.....Nopey.........ummm.......ugh yes...?" I replied. Before Shay can reply, Mama Odie Stood on the Podium and announced "Good Morning Ladies and Fellers, hows your Monday Morning?" the whole auditorium replied "Great Principal Mama Odie, hows yours?". "Well i'm doing betta then a biscuit with pork chops and butta on a nice hot July morning." She said.
          Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer were siting right behind us. I heard Eleanor Gossiping about Samantha Birch, it made me feel better. Danielle was putting on Nail Polish, white nail polish. Since she was co-captain of the clique "White Nails" she was putting on that color. But no offence to Eleanor and Danielle, but "White Nails" was so last year. There is a new Clique called "Perfect Purses" whos captain is Samantha Birch,  Co-Captain is my demonic sister, Bianca. Also Samara is in the group. "So why are you sacred  it's One Direction baby, there nothing but a bunch of Hunky British Boys". Danielle said. "Louis is mine, ya hear the Brittany, mine mine MINE.!!!!" Eleanor said. Honestly i really don't care about Louis, or any of them. I just care about my Business.
      Mama Odie then presented the Battle of the Boy bands Winner, One Direction. Hundreds of girls were screaming and jumping, holding out posters, and singing the lyrics to their famous song "What makes you beautiful". The I heard my own heart beating fast, about as fast as 123 beats per minute. Then in a blink of an eye, Harry Styles popped out of the red curtain. Shay was screaming so hard, i can barely hear myself think. Then Zayn popped out, and Liam, Niall, and Louis. I was surprised, they look more dangerous in person. Each came out and delivered a speech about their life in the band. They came and hugged each fan. Shay and I were one of the very last people. Eleanor and Danielle were behind us. Eleanor is incredibly impatient, she huffs, and puffs, and groans and moans, also she curses. Danielle dosent really care, she is calm cool, and nervous-free. Unlike me, i'm a nervous wreck. What am i gonna say? The Line's population of fans decreased in a 3 hour period. When Shay walked up there she hugged every band member, including Paul, their Security Guard. When i walked up there, they all hugged me tightly, One of them, however by the name of Niall gave me his phone number and told me to meet him in the school gymnasium at lunch. Zayn said i was the most beautiful girl he has ever met. Liam smiled at me. I was confused, why would Niall give me his number, why me?
       During period 4, Geometry, Shay told me that Niall likes me, and gave me his number to call him in my free time. I was shocked, i hated Niall, i loved his voice, but not him. Eleanor begged me to give Niall's number to her, i told her no. So she snatched it from my hand, and typed it to her iPhone quickly. I was doomed, i have international celebrity's phone number, and i gave it to the most untrustworthy person i know, Eleanor Calder. Lunch swayed by, I was walking over to the Gymnasium, when Shay spotted me and followed me.  "Shay go back to the Freshman Cafeteria, i got to go somewhere for today" i said. "No Brittany, Tell me why your going there, One Direction is in the Cafeteria, Lets Go sit with them". she said. "No, i cant, cuz, 1D aint there" I replied. Shay looked confused, then a giant smile grew on her face. "Oh Okay, you know where One Direction is, don't ya?" she replied. I didn't know what to say, so i pulled Shay by her wrist and yanked her into the Gymnasium. In 2 Minutes, i told her everything.Shay was so excited, she was jumping and screaming, also laughing. She then ran to the bathroom to vomit. She gets excited-sick sometimes.
                 We Both walked over to the Gym, where Niall told me we would meet him there. I was really Nervous, but something inside of me told me to be calm. Shay creeked the door opened, She paused, and continued to walk. I told her to act Natural, But She couldn't, She was like One Directions Number One Fan. When we were in the dark, cold, sweaty, gym, i heard a laugh, actually, more than one laugh. I heard Soda being popped and Video Game sounds. Paul saw us from a distance, he told us that he has the right to pepper spray us. I quickly showed him our sticky-note, that says Niall's Official phone number, and i told him that Niall wanted us to come visit him during lunch.  Paul still needed more proof for us to come along with them. Zayn and Liam spotted us, and yelled our names. I was surprised that Zayn and Liam actually knew Shay's name.
              When Paul escorted us to the room, we saw all 5 Boys eating, and playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Niall Smiled when i entered the room, he asked me to sit down with him. "So Brittany, what grade are you in?" he asked. "I'm in my Freshman Year" i replied. "Shaylean and Harry sure have chemistry going on around here" said Liam. "It's Shay, but you can call me Shaylean if ya want?" Shay said. Louis and Zayn were both arguing about who one the First-Person shooter game.But it only took me 6 seconds to know that Zayn Clearly won. I guess they're new at American video games.
           "Hey Britt, i thought maybe if your free this Friday, maybe we can go to Wendy's  or MD's  or any fast-food of your choice." Niall said. "Maybe Saturday, since i maybe invited to Samara's slumber party" I replied. "Nah, Saturday i have to go to the recording studio with the guys." Niall said. "Okay, i guess Friday won't hurt, see ya there". Plus i might not be invited to the Slumber party anyways. Eleanor and Danielle found out about our secret, and within a couple days, they sat with us too. So the 4 for us would sat with One Direction. 3 Days passed, and nothing in my head seemed to exist but One Direction, and my date with Niall.
                          When i was Getting ready for the big date with Niall, Bianca trampled down the stairs and told me that Shay Convinced Samara to let me in the Slumber Party, i really threw up, what will Niall do when he finds out. Then i hatched a plan...
                      I dialed Niall's Phone Number, and told him that our Special "date" will be involving lipstick, a night gown, and a Feminine mind.

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