The 4 Sisters Of Manhattan

The 4 Sisters of Manhattan, revolves around Brittany Spears, a young teenage girl living in New York. She lives with her Theater-Loving Mother, Darcy, her Drill Sergeant Father, Martin Spears, Her young sweet little sister Mandy, and her cruel deviled sister, Bianca Spears. Brittany and Bianca had NEVER EVER loved each other,With the help of Brittany's Best Friend, Shaylean Crawford, she can do anything. Shaylean has a evil sister, just like Brittany. Her Name is Samara, she enjoys the smell of Newly Bought Shoes at Forever 21. Brittany goes to Westfield High School, home of the Jaguars. Brittany's other friends are Eleanor Calder, who is the Queen of Sass. Danielle Peazer, who is basically a Sporty Chic. She is amazing at almost every sport, except golf where she got hit in the nose and lost her sense of smell at age 9.And Snow White who is a Drama Queen, she is sweet and bubbly.Brittany then gets a chance of a lifetime when she gets to meet a Popular British boy band, One Direction


1. Ordinary Life: (Brittany's P.O.V) Chapter 1

                   I never knew why celebrities were so famous, is it because of their voice?, their acting? or is it just cuz' their beautiful. Celebs back then, like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood, and Gregory Peck were famous because of their talent and voice. But today, in the 21st Century people are famous for their looks, not talent. One Major example is the cocky "transformers queen" Megan Fox. She is a major hypocrite, she thinks she knows whats good in the world, when she is the lady who smokes and dresses half naked in all of her crappy films. Well as for me, i ain't no Celebrity, i am just Ordinary Brittany Spears. I live in Manhattan, New York, it may sound like a dream but it isn't.  New York is not just all rich and preppy, it's more than that, it's my home, my real home.

                  34981 Mulsone Street, Manhattan, New York                                      

                  6:35 am, September 29th, 2010                    

                        I woke up, got up from my creaking bed, it sounded like i was sleeping on crickets who were squished under the springs and cotton. But that's just ridiculous, the crickets are in Mandy's Room, and i never told her....yikes. I brushed my teeth with a Disney Princess brush, i liked that brush, it gave my hope, hope that one day i will become famous....Who am i kidding, people barely even remember my name anyways. 

            "Brittany, come down, it's breakfast" That was the sound of my mother, Darcy. "Brittany come down NOW!" I spit into the sink and changed into my 3rd pair of jeans, my fall sweater and a pink jacket. I then came rushing down the stairs, slipped my shoes, "It's about time you came early" my father said. Me and My father never really spoke much. He would always love me, but never show it, which would concern me. "You ready for your first day of training?" My father asked. Dad was a drill sergeant, so he would treat me like a man, which made me uncomfortable.  "She's going to school Martin, her first day of school" replied my mother. I spread creamy cheese onto my toast, then i sliced tomato's and placed it on the toast. I took a bite out of my sandwich, when Mandy appeared out of nowhere. "What are you eating?" asked Mandy. "A sandwich, what do you think it is?" i replied. Then Mandy showed me a picture of a squished tarantula, i nearly puked on the breakfast table. Bianca trampled down the stairs dressed all inappropriately. Short shorts, spaghetti straps, and flip flops in the breezy Autumn. "What are you staring at snug face?" I picked up the phone and i replied to Bianca. "Oh nothing, it's just Medusa, she wants her face back" Bianca turned bright red, like a tomato, snatched my hand and cursed at me. What a jerk.....

                Bianca then sat down to the table, she put frosted flakes into a bowl, as she poured milk, she muttered on how if mom gave me up for adoption, her life's stress would decreases by a 100%. I rolled my eyes, ignoring the fact that i'm related to a girl who thought George Washington was a Jewish Activist. The time passed by, and Dad was in the car. It was my first day of 9th grade, which was tough since i moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. As we were driving My Mother, saw Me and Bianca fighting, so as she was about to yell, dad pulled over on the sidewalk, on the Westfield High School property. I looked at the front of the school, and i grew butterflies in my stomach. Bianca and some girl named Samara became the best of friends, after they found out they loved the smell of a newly unwrapped shoes from Forever 21.Samara has a sister, like Bianca. She is in her freshman year, like me. Her Name is Shaylean Crawford. I saw her in my English Class, Mr Anderson caught me staring at her, and embarrassed me. He said i'm lacking "participation" and i cannot "pass" if i don't pay attention. Everyone is Westfield High were jerks, the jocks were about as dumb as London Tipton.  Westfield High School's student's IQ combined is less than a donkey.

                    Danielle Peazer is a Sport queen, she can play all the sports, except golf, when she got hit in the nose by a golf ball and lost her sense of smell at age 9. Eleanor Calder is a gifted Fashion Designer and Sass Queen, she's in my Ceramics 2 class, she constantly brags about stuff people really don't care about, like vintage.

              It was lunch time, the lunchroom was the schools central nervous system. Bianca and Samara rejected me from sitting with them, i pretended didn't care. They were sitting with  three other girls, their names were Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer, and Snow White. Their clique group name was "White Nails". Which was odd because, Danielle was African-American, and she was in a group called "White Nails". I looked around to find a place to sit, and i found a lonely table by the window, there was a shy brunette girl, by the name of Shaylean Crawford. I slowly trudged over to her, i pronounced my name." Hey!.....I'm Brittany Spears....Nice to meet you...." Shaylean looked at me as if i was mentally disabled or something. "Uh....Hi....I'm....Shaylean Crawford....and i go by Shay" Shaylean responded. I sat down to the creaky seat of the table. The legs of the chair were as cold as ice cubes. But with the sweetness of Shay, i really couldn't care less. I placed my brown paper bag onto the lunch table hoping Shay would say something, but she was dead silent. "So Shay, what do you like to do for fun?" i asked. Shay looked at me in confusion, she twirked her eyebrows and smirked a bit. "What do you think i do in my free time?" she replied. "I dunno, maybe you read, or watch Jersey Shore, or something like that" Shay giggled out loud, "Don't you know what 15 year olds do these days Brittany?" Shay asked me this question, i was blank. "Um no, i don't really care what girls my age do, they probably watch Pretty Little Liars, read The Twilight Saga, or fan-girl over a shirtless Taylor Lautner, or Justin Bieber." Shay stopped giggling and looked serious. "Your kidding right?" Shay said, "No, i'm not kidding" i replied. "One Direction, girl, 1D is the main reason that i am who i am today, they make me feel beautiful. Have you heard their new hit single?" Shay said. "Nope" i replied. "It's What Makes You Beautiful, do you go on tumblr?,Instagram?, pinterest?, wait are you even a directioner?" Shay kept on asking me questions about a popular British boy band i barely even knew.One Direction does not even know who Shay even is, and she's just a random fan.

                             Principal Marion Odie stood up on the podium. Marion "Mama" Odie is a sweet, but spicy 40 year old woman, she invites Bianca to cut class and eat Popeye's Chicken with her while watching One Direction Videos on YouTube.

                   She stood up and spoke a announcement that nearly changed my life forever."Alright Boys and Girls, welcome to the first school year of y'alls miserable High School lives, now shall we begin?, alright now y'all we are gunna have a battle of the boy bands competition!". When she said that the whole lunch room began a conversation."Alright now y'all, The Nominees are, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, Mindless Behavior, and the most popular British Boyband of all time is...One Direction. 

             People started to jump and scream the band members names in agony and pleasure. I was disgusted, i thought moving to Manhattan would bring me away from celebrities, but now, i'm screwed."Yo Boys and Gals, Listen Up!, y'all have to vote, or else none can win, is that what y'all want?" "No Mama Odie" Replied the students. " "Good then, voting begins tommorow during lunch, the winner will be announced Oct 5th on the school Facebook page". I was a nervous wreck, i don't know how to vote for a celebrity to come to our school and visit for a week. I just don't know. 

           After 6th period i walked up to Shay who was talking to Snow White. "Hey Guys, whats up?" i asked. "I'll tell you whats up, clouds, air, heaven, and that's exactly where you'll end up if make the directioners mad and not vote One Direction. They'll kill you." Snow said.

            "Don't listen to her, Britt, Snow's just messing with ya" said Shay. "Snow, they won't kill me, i promise, in fact i won't vote for any of the nominees, they all suck eggs." I said with confidence.Snow turned bright red, like a cherry, and replied "You know what Britt-Pitt, i think your just jealous that One Direction can sing way more better than you" She then dashed off. But she bumped into Ned the Nerd, the biggest nerd in out high school. He wanted to know if Snow White would accept his pleases to come with him to the Halloween Dance. Eleanor Calder came out of nowhere and said "Ned when i look at you, i'd vomit, you just come at me like a thing outta The Exorcist  or something".

           "Shay, please i don't want to vote, i really don't care about celebrities, their just a waste of time ya know" I said. Shay paused, she didn't know how to react at all. She then turned angry, and roughly replied "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE THE MOST? NO? IT'S ON DIRECTION, I NEED TO MEET THEM, AND IF YOU DON'T VOTE FOR THEM, THEN I'LL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND AGAIN, EVER!. I was shocked, how could she say this to me. "Fine, you know what, i'm done with you Shaylean" I yelled back. "It's Shay, get that through your thick head Britt-Pitt" she corrected me. I got so mad i snapped at her and took her Biology textbook and slid it down the hallway. I then trudged away, i passed the voting line, i refused to vote. Still, i felt extremely guilty.

      I exited the front of the school to find my mother in the car honking. Bianca Pushed me out of the way. "Get out of the way Ghost-Face, you really need to like...get a license plate, since your butt is too big, ya know. I stared at her with anger, but i didn't say any thing, i never do, Bianca is too cruel. Samara went clacking from the school doors with her sparkly purple high heels. and she went to give Bianca a hug. "BiBi, it was so nice meeting you, your so invited to my slumber party! It is at 5:30 at my house, please bring a sleeping bag!" Bianca smiled, she possessed a smile that was so sinister, i get creeped out.  But this smile wasn't evil, it was meaning that Bianca was happy. "What are you guys doing at the party?" i asked. Samara looked at me as if i was smoking cocaine or something. "What makes you think your coming?, your not even cool enough, you should go die in a hole Britt-Pitt." Bianca would always call me that, and now Samara calls me that, it annoys the living hell out of me. "Just go Brittany, your not cool enough to hang out with us" Bianca said with a voice that will make you want to punch her. I Struggled away on to the clean cut, fresh grass. It smelled like pair of wet gym socks, and gum. But it's the most interesting thing in this school so far. 

         I hopped in the van, My Mom was smiling at me with such grief. She then starting breathing heavily  and she never blinked for about 28.4 sec, that's a new record. "Soooo, tell me, how's your first day of day of school?" my mother asked. "Erm, it was okay, i guess, But i made a friend, her names Shaylean, or which she goes Shay, we became fast friends  but the thing is, we got into a fight about a half hour ago, and i don't think she likes me anymore" Mom finally blinked, "Oh it's OK blueberry, everything will be alright, i promise." She quickly hugged me and we began to drive. As we cycled down Mulsone Street, i saw Ned the Nerd. He was the biggest Nerd in my middle school, and now he's here, asking for me to go to the Halloween dance with him. "Uh...Uh......Brittany......I......uh.......wanted to ask if you wanted to go with me to the Halloween Dance?" Ned asked. I was shocked, but i said an answer that i will regret my whole life. "Okay, sure, i'll go with you." Ned gained a huge smile on his face, he started jumping and crying of joy,  he then walked home in a creepy zig-zag way.

           I looked down at me lap, i pulled my fingers, and began to think about what decision i made. Mom looked at me as if i gave away 5 million dollars. "What the hell were you thinking Brittany?, Ned the Nerd? really?" My eyes flooded with water, it was the first time someone asked me to a dance, it's special you know, and Ned is really nice, it's the least i could do for him. "Sorry Mom" i said. Mom looked at me and began to drive again. "Look honey, it's okay just stop being too nice and hanging out with nerds, it ruins your reputation" my mom replied.       

                         We drove home and stopped to find Bianca and Mandy working on Chores. I was surprised Bianca was actually doing something for once in her life. All she cares about is her hair and shoes. She spends about 4 hours in her room brushing her hair. We sat on the dinner table. We had Mac & Cheese, my favorite. Mandy leaves her toys on the table, which annoys me. C'mon, it annoys me because i don't like eating while there's a naked barbie doll staring at you.

               "Mandy did you finish your Homework packet? You have a spelling test on Thursday, and you must study", My mom told Mandy. "Uh nopey, hehe  I don't like homowork (homework) or spewing tesses (spelling tests). But i like Pwincesses (Princesses) and Caws (Cars). I hate Scoo (School). " Mandy maybe 4 but she spoke like a foreigner from Russia or something. Bianca then begged dad if she can go with Samara to the Justin Bieber concert in Madison Square Garden. "You ain't gunna go nowhere until you get your grades up missy", My father demanded. "And you gotta stop wearing Inappropriate clothing, you look like Rihanna just walked into a bar", said my father. I finished eating, i went to go do my Biology Homework, when i heard a knock knock on the door. "Why would someone knock at this time of day?" i muttered.  I sort of expected Ghostface to come out of nowhere and slaughter me with his knife. But i was wrong it was Shay. 

         "Shay, what're doing here?" i asked. She glanced at me, and said "I came to apologize for my behavior, it's your choice to vote not mine". I grew a smile, and i decide i will vote, to make Shay happy, and what's the bad that could come out of this? I went online and voted One Direction, much to my dismay. Shay begged me to do it. I hate One Direction. Shay went home an hour later, and i slept.

                                   4:02 am Oct 5th, 2010

      I woke up on the fuzzy couch, as i rubbed my eyes, i looked on google, i went on Facebook and i signed in, i searched the school in the search box, and i couldn't believe my eyes.......One Direction had won the Battle of the Boy bands Competition ..

               To Many girls around the world having One Direction to come and visit their city may sound like a dream. But to me it was a Nightmare on Mulsone Street.

                                          To be continued.................






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