Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


5. Two Tickets to Friendship


A/N: hey guys this chapter is going to be SUPER short because the next chapter is going to be the one where Soso meets Liam keep reading…



   I walk into first period I see Sabrina but I don’t look for to long because I didn’t want her to look back. The day was long and hard we had tests all week in my 7th period I was hungry and wanted to go home the bus was quite which I was happy about I got off the bus and went into a drug store I bought a soda and chips. I hated shopping at that drug store because there were no prices on the stuff so you would have to ask how much everything cost, over priced of course but I didn’t care I was super hungry. I walked a while until I saw the cross walk I always walked foot feet  away from the cross walk because I was a complete rebel. I chuckle to myself at the thought of it then it made me miss Sabrina I didn’t want to say sorry because I was right but I wanted her back I needed my best friend. I walked into my house and turned on the radio to 103.5 I listened to three songs before the DJ came on the radio and said “call in now to win your two free tickets to one direction’s sold out show and a free airplane ride to L.A.” I got up and grabbed my phone I dialed then number someone answer and said hell you are the lucky winner on two one direction tickets!” I screamed then they said “calm down young lady what’s your name? I try to contain myself I never won anything before so I was excited then I answered “Soso” then they replied “ok Soso we will get the details for all you listening here’s Diamonds” I hear him touch the panel then the song started to play then it got quite he got my address and we hung up I put my shoes on and ran out the door forgetting to even tell my mom I was leaving but I 17 she hardly cared. I was walking super fast to Sabrina’s house she didn’t live far this is it I was thinking to myself this is how I’ am going to get her back. I reach her house and knock on the door she answers when she sees me she smiles then says rudely “what do you want?” I look at her then say “your going to love me…” she looked me then smiled “why?” I look at her then I said it “ I got one direction tickets for you and me on two weeks in L.A!” I scream a little her eyes widen and she grabs my arms smiling and screams “ OH MY GOSH” we jump around for a while then we run up stairs to her run I look at her and say “friends?” she looks and smiles and says “friends”




A/N: awwwh what a nice ending and yeah sorry for it being so short but next chapter Liam comes into the plot also I don’t know when I’ am going to be able to update so don’t be to mad if it takes a week for so…sorry but I will try whenever I can bye.





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