Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


2. The Text

       Soso’s POV- “wow what are you doing?” I look at Sabrina with a look, “shhh” Sabrina said. “shhh? Why I dnt know what that means” I say smirking as she rolls her eyes I then chuckle. “If you must know I’m editing this picture so my Harry and I will be holding hands” she says trying to sound smart but hiding her smile. I look at her with a funny look “O.K” I say we both laugh as I’m walking to go sit on my bed. She is obsessed with One Direction I love that about she is my best friend I love everything about her. I like One Direction they aren’t great but they are good I’m not into that kind of music but they sure do know how to make a girl feel good about herself. I keep up with their drama of course I think It’s very interesting. “Who’s your favorite Soso?” she asks me with a huge smile on her face “none of them I like them all equally” I look at her then look down at my lap smirking. “Whatever” she looks at over her shoulder smiling I smile back but the smile turns to shock the vibration from my phone scares me a little. I smile then get my phone out of my pocket Sabrina no longer looking at me I get my phone out expecting a facebook notification or something like that but i got something very different. It’s a text from my boyfriend Adrian. I smile then look at Sabrina she felt me looking at her so she turns towards me asking “what?” I shrug saying “nothing” with a blunt yet mysterious look on my face. “You lying lesbian!” she almost yells and we both start laughing knowing the insider from a show we watched when we were younger. “ I am not, nothing happened” I protest with a small smirk on my face trying not to cave. I look down at the unopened text then up again at Sabrina who is now right in front of me. “You lie, you lie, and you lie!” she says like a mom over me. I give her a cheeky look I gasp and say “I would never” I smile as she grabs the phone from my hands. “No,no,no,no” I protest “ give it back. “ Let’s see here” she says, I looked at her nervous then say “fine go ahead, your not gon-” she cuts me off "oh my god" It was too late she already saw the message before I even get to.

 A/N: Hey so that was the first hope you liked it ill update when I can which I hope is soon but a small part of this chapter is going to be continued on the next chapter because I thought it was getting to long I’m going to be starting the accounts for this story soon this is going to be fun.  




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