Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


4. The Fight


       I wake up to the sound of my alarm in my ear I turn it off quickly I look at the time then spring out of the bed I was very late. I put my cloths on nothing too flashy I had no one to impress anymore I usually get a good morning text from Sabrina or it was more like a wake up text she hates being late for me but not this morning, weird  I brushed it off I also brushed my teeth. I ran down the street barely catching the public bus that I hate taking I’m saving up for a car but I have no job blah I think to myself as I flash a smile to the bus driver and show him my monthly bus pass. I sit in the seat I always sit in put in my ear phones and try not to make eye contact with the special boy or his nurse across the isle. When I got to school  I looked around for Sabrina I saw and started walking towards her then I stopped dead in my tracks she was talking to a boy…alone she has grown so much since freshman year I’m happy for her I keep my distance and wait for her to come to me. I pull out my phone to avoid going towards them. She makes eye contact with me and walks towards me after saying good-bye with cute hug I smile and she make an small smile of embarrassment she must have thought he was still looking at her…he wasn't  I pull her towards me in a fun secretive way and say “Are you going out?” she smiles and says “not yet…but…” she says with a smile slightly swaying back and forth not even noticing she is doing it. “What’s his name?” I said happy for her she looks at me then starts to laugh so I laugh as well and say  “what?” she looks at me putting her hands on my shoulders and says “promise you want laugh…” I look at then with a slight smirk on my face I say “promise” she says “ Ok…his name is Ben” I start to laugh and people start to stare. “EW…why...gross” I kind of yell she laughs then we both laugh and make jokes. We didn't know why it was funny it just was just one of those stereo typical names like Jim, or Bob. We walked to class and I saw Adrian he did a slight smile at me but didn't look back when I did I smiled back of course missing him a little.




     I was walking out of 5th period and I saw Sabrina’s crush Ben kissing another girl I knew I had to tell her. I found after school I had a sad face on and she knew something was up then I broke the news to her. Her eyes filled with tears she sensitive when it came to these kinds of things I felt bad until….she looked at me and said “why did you tell me its your fault if you didn't tell I would be happy!” she said walking away from me I caught up to her saying “are you serious? That is ridiculous this isn't middle school you need to grow up and not blame me for your problems and choices in guys!” I said in the same volume she said to me. Her eyes widened and that’s when I knew she was really mad she just walked off and did the same.




     It’s been a week and Sabrina hasn't said a word to me this is the longest we have fight I knew she must have completely pissed at me I must have crossed the line. I would catch her looking at me then she would look down she missed me as much as I missed her she obviously had something to prove.




A/N: Hey sorry I haven’t been updating imma try to update soon maybe tomorrow but if I don’t then I’ am very sorry and I know the first couple of chapters are boring but the one after the next is when she meets Liam Payne so keep reading bye.

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