Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


3. Story of Adrian

    Her eyes widen and her jaw drops I look over  her shoulder but she shrugs me off then she says “oh my god!” she smiles and looks and me I say “what just tell me..” nervous of what she will say she smiles and and says “ this is so….( she pauses for a long time) stupid!” She laughs I roll my eyes and grab my phone from her hands and read the text from Adrian that read “hey” wow once again Sabrina made things twice as big as they should have been I chuckle remembering Adrian a bit.        *

    He was the cutest guy in school I couldn’t help but keep an eye on him. Sabrina hated him because she hated all the popular people in school. It’s because they are rude for no reason at all. It’s not like in the cheesy movies they just don’t talk to us they ignore us and walk away from us. They don’t go out of there ways to be rude they are just rude in general, unless they want our vote of course they always win no matter what and Sabrina hates it. Sabrina wanted to be popular but never made the cut that’s why she is mad but I would never say that out loud. She hated Adrian a little bit more than the others only because she knew I liked him but I would never talk to him because with out Sabrina I’m pretty quite. Until that one day in the lunch line he had walked up to me asking for my two lunch tickets I had gotten for me and Sabrina. With his friend behind him he asked me under his breath faking his desperation. I was nervous but I played it cool but on the inside I wanted to just hug him and kiss his light pink, perfectly evened out flawless lips. I held back of course I didn’t show it but I was shy. “uhhh sure why not” I said nervously and quite then walked away he said thanks lightly but I heard him and smiled to myself. Sabrina was absolutely pissed she could have killed me if she wanted to. She yelled at me all day making everything sound 10 times worse “why would you give it to him out of all the populars!” she ranted “he could have went to the speed line I'm going to die you know I’m starving right now!” she said being a bit over the top for me. I listened for a moment but then started to drift off into Adrian land just thinking about his teenage muscular body type and the way his hair fell by his ears but mostly his sky blue eyes oh how I wanted him. “Are you even listening?” Sabrina said breaking my thoughts “Are you still mad at me?” I said as I put out my lower lip towards her. “No” she said the smirking a little bit “but you’re buying me Mc Donald’s” I smiled and said “deal.”     *          


     The next day I went to homeroom alone no one  that I knew had my homeroom. I sat down then that’s when it all happened. Adrian sat by me then he said “hey” I got scared I didn’t know what to do this was crazy him talking to me I said “hi” quickly and quietly. Why would he even say hi? Why was he sitting next me? I got mad something was up maybe it was like one of those movies. “Why are you sitting next to me I’m nobody and well, your…you” I asked nicely calmly and a bit upset. Then he said “to be honest your then only one I know in this class” he said after that we talked and ended up going out for 8 months until last week he cheated on me. He wasn’t even trying to hide it he kissed her and I saw, I tried to walk past with out being seen by him but our eyes met his eyes widened and he said my name softly. I kept walking but he grabbed my wrist I turned to him with tears in my eyes it must have been a shock to him to see me cry because I never cry he backed up slowly and let go of my wrist I just kept walking. There was one problem we weren’t broken up we were just avoiding each other in the halls and stuff he finally texts me after 3 days. I looked down at my phone and opened the message and I texted him back “You know it’s over right?” he texted back “I do now: / im sorry for what I did I hope you find someone better” I replied “thanks” I smiled and put my phone into my pocket. I had to tell Sabrina she is going to be happy I walked into the room I told her. She smiled then her eyes soften and her happiness turned you sympathy I opened my arms for a hug but she ran out of the room. My face was full of shock and shouted out to her with my arms in the air “I was expecting at least a hug!” I heard run back with a tub of ice cream and two spoons “ I have something even better” she said with a smile my eyes softened at her I hugged feeling the cold ice cream on my back. We stay up all night eating ice cream and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.


A/N: Hey guys so I thought that I would give that chapter tonight so I write more in class tomorrow and I’ll update when I can but please comment what you think and this fanfic is all you if want something to happen contact me and it will happen maybe ill move that live chapter up if I get more views but you have read it this is going to be really good trust me ok bye and please comment what you think

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