Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


7. Mistake? (Part 1)


I woke I look to the left of me and see Liam I start to remember then regret what I did then I felt him moved pulling out of my thoughts. I pretend to be a sleep I feel him look at me and then I hear whisper softly to himself “shit” when I heard those words I started thinking of what an idiot I was for doing this I put no only myself in this situation but him too. I felt him move out from under me then I felt him sit at the end of the bed. I hear the dial tone from his phone and then I hear him talking to someone on the phone. Was it Danielle? Is he going to call his ex-girlfriend right after a hook-up? i hear him talk in a whisper but I can still hear the words I listen closely. “Hello?” he whispers “I did it again man I need your help” what the hell I think to myself. “If you saw me last night why didn’t you stop me!” he yells this is my chance the conversation is getting heated. I start to wake up I yawn to pull it off but I end up actually yawning he turns and looks at me then says “shit , just get over here” he hangs up the phone and I get up and sit on the side of the bed. There is short moment of silence then he says “Louis is coming over so….” He trails off. What is he trying to do? Dump in a river? Ugh he is just a jackass. “So you want me to leave? Ok I will” I say getting up and putting my shirt on. He looks at me then down at the ground I rolled my eyes. How could just have sex with a stranger and dump her on the street?  I knew he was hurt about Danielle but not this hurt. I finish putting on my clothes and walk out of the bus I see Louis walking towards me great I think to myself. Louis smiles at me and starts to talk but I cut him and say “you don’t have to do anything I got the memo” I rolled my eyes and look down at the ground. He looks at me and I know he feels bad “Liam is in bad place right now he didn’t mean to hurt you it’s just he doesn’t know what he is doing” I look at him his face is sad he is worried about Liam. “Thanks but if you cared about him you wouldn’t let him get drunk and have sex with girls I am pretty sure I am not the first or the last which really sucks because I thought he was a good guy.” I say then start to walk off he grabs my arm “listen if people find out…” I cut him off “don’t worry I’m not a bad person he obviously chose the smart one….your secret is safe with me” I look sad. I felt sad I shouldn’t though, I did this to myself. He walked into the bus I walked on the side walk it was cold outside I hugged myself where is Sabrina? I thought to myself, she is probably still in Niall’s bus. I reach in my pocket to get my cell phone to call her but shit it’s not there I must have left it on his nightstand. Great I whisper to myself now I have to go back and get it’s walk back to the bus and knock on the door then I here Louis yell “come in!” they must have thought I was Zayn or something. I climb up the steps and walk in. when I got in Liam was sitting on the seat when he looked up he was surprised then he looked at Louis and then down at ground. He felt bad and to me it felt good he felt bad for what did so at least he somewhat of a good guy. Louis looks at me with a smile “I forgot my phone” I say then look at the ground. They don’t say anything o I just walked to back and got my phone. As I walk back Louis looks at me and says “isn’t it cold out there I reply “yeah but I’ll be ok” he turns his body a little and says “ok”. I walk more looking my phone shit it’s dead now what? I look at Louis then at Liam who hasn’t looked up once “can I barrow your phone I need to call Sabrina so we can go” Louis looks at me then smiles as if something’s wrong. “Oh your friend with Niall to get breakfast they have been gone for a couple of hours” I look at him with a shocked face then say “great just I needed was she even thinking of me in anyway I’m stuck here in the cold now great!” I start to walk off  Louis gets in front of me slightly “no you can stay in here until they get back we don’t mind” I look at him then I look over at Liam who is looks mad at Louis. “No thanks I don’t think he really wants me here…” he stands up really fast and says “no, no, no I don’t mind you can stay it’s nothing really”. I look at both of them Louis is smiling and Liam looks scared. “Ok” I smile then sit in the seat. No one talks for like 5 minutes then Liam comes and sits by me I look down, and Louis acts like he doesn’t notice. “I really am sorry I didn’t say it before but I am” I look at him and he looks down “it’s ok the fact that you feel bad means something your hurt I understand” the moment I said those words he looked up at me and smiled I smiled back. We looked into each other’s eyes for a little bit, did I like him? Did he like me? I’m so confused my hearts beating really fast then it happened. We kissed it was long I smiled towards the end and so did he. Then at the same time we looked at Louis who was looking at the both of us with his eyebrows up. Then he said as he was turning around lets go get something to eat.




          Hey I am so sorry I haven’t updated in a month my laptop is broken and I made this chapter for you on my friends laptop I don’t know how long it’s going to take to fix my laptop but  this chapter is kind of long so hope you like it! I will try to update the next time I get a chance. Ok bye :)

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